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detailed itinerary - 2010 DLS workshop series

can of worms: wonderful or wasteful?

meLOVE: winter holiday and cabin happiness

youLOVE: on the twelfth day of Christmas

youLOVE: on the eleventh day of Christmas...

youLOVE: on the 10th day of Christmas...

youLOVE: on the ninth day of Christmas...

Merry Christmas, all!!!

youLOVE: Happy Birthday to ME!!!

youLOVE: on the eighth day of Christmas...

youLOVE: on the seventh day of Christmas

tubeLOVE: wintersong

youLOVE: for my dear friend

youLOVE: on the sixth day of Christmas...

youLOVE: on the fifth day of Christmas

meLOVE: the social retard in its natural habitat...

youLOVE: on the fourth day of Christmas...

youLOVE: on the third day of Christmas...

tubeLOVE: mood music, courtesy of Mika

can of worms: print suppliers

Holiday Cheer

youLOVE: on the second day of Christmas...

youLOVE: on the First Day of Christmas...

Dates for 2010 Workshops

newLOVE: workin' the camera!

youLOVE: my calendar girl J.

youLOVE: my calendar girl N.

babyLOVE: making the transition

youLOVE: my calendar girl M.

pictureLOVE: learn to love the blur

meLOVE: bring it. SO excited!



meLOVE: Just. Can't. Wait.

can of worms: sponsorship vs. donation

pictureLOVE: photographilanthropy

The kids are all grown up


2010 workshops

tubeLOVE: flashback.

tubeLOVE: crash tests

babyLOVE: mad crafting skillz...

meLOVE: time spent well, even in Calgary

tubeLOVE: oh, so funny...

creating an image for yourself on the web


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