Oh, it was so pretty...

Way back in September I did a whole thwack of pictures at the U of A campus. I really needed some warm ,pretty colours to warm me up after today's sub-zero shenanigans!

This little turkey is walking now - Mom & Dad sure have their work cut out for them now!!!

The monkey below was actually the monkey boy whose last experience of me landed him on his head (literally!) and so this time I was SUPER stoked to get this amazing shot of him.  Couldn't you eat him!?!?  Yikes!

(and my Christmas card from these guys told me there's another family member on the way... Woot woot!)

Ah, what can I say about this kid?  His Mom brought him to me approximately a million years ago and I've had a photographer crush on him every since.  J-poop, you will always hold a special place in my heart.

J-poop's little brother is still getting to know me... he likes me a lot better now than he did when he was two, so that's progress...

And Mom?  Well, I love her to bits.  That is all.

The W family is finally complete - they added a little brother to their brood just a few weeks ago!

Which is too bad, because they could make a million babies and they'd all be this adorable...  guess I'll have to settle for 4...

And these guys.  ~sigh~ What can I say?  I've watched the D family boys growing up for maybe a bazillion centuries now. 

 I still remember both of these adorable little boys when they were small enough to fit in my little brown suitcase.

Families this gorgeous should be outlawed.

And last but certainly not least, the blondest children in my repertoire.  These munchkins are the sweetest kids, full of giggles and goofiness and genuine affection for each other.  

Thanks for bringing them to me, Mom & Dad - I love watching how much they have grown and how much their little personalities have developed and changed over the years.

muchLOVE to you ALL!


Pretty in Purple

This teeny tiny sweetheart is the niece of one of my oldest and dearest clients and friends.  

She had a bit of a rough delivery so we had to wait a few extra days to allow some of the swelling and bruising to subside.  Luckily for me, she was as delightfully adorable awake as she was asleep.

Of course, the furbabies didn't want to feel left out...

One of my favourite things about babies is how unpredicatble and uncontrolled their body movements are.  I have no idea what Missy here was trying to accomplish but in my head I heard, "Riiiiicolaaaaaaa!"

And this looks like she's getting ready to blow a kiss...

Adorable lump.  ~swoon~

If I am your photographer, there are two things that will happen when I get my hands on your baby. 1) I am going to sniff its head and 2) I am going to undress it so I can look at its toes.

Baby toes are the bestest.  Yes?  The itty bitty teeny tiny toenails get me every. single. time.

In your heart, can you hear the baby sighs?

We got a good 20 minutes of sleeping pictures before we were informed in no uncertain terms that the sessions was, as a matter of fact, over.  Not just now, but RIGHT now.  

Thank you Mom & Dad for allowing me to invade your home at an obscene hour of the weekend and arrange your baby on flowery blankets for my pleasure and amusement.  <3 p="">

Hello, handsome!

Oh goodness, does it EVER feel good to be blogging sessions again!  This handsome little monkey arrived this past July, and before he starts college I thought I had better get him up here!  So handsome, so sweet, so precious.  Love him!

weddings are like cars

I've shot weddings that are like vintage cars, full of tradition and craftsmanship.  I've shot weddings that are kind of like jalopies - haphazard, a little redneck, and a tonne of fun.  I've had a couple of Escalade weddings, a couple of hybrid weddings, and mine would probably be best be described as a Smart Car wedding - small, economic, and a bit quirky.  B & A's wedding?  It was a fully-loaded Mini Cooper - compact, intimate, and totally luxurious.

Thank you, B&A, for allowing me to once again join you and your family (which feels like my own by now) for this amazing day so full of love, laughter, and beauty.  The way you look at each other makes my heart melt and I have no doubt in my heart or my mind that your souls have truly found their mates.

P.S. Thanks for the trees!




The details - oh! the details in this wedding - SO AMAZING!!!  You could not have packed more intricate styling into this day!  And the crazy part? It is mostly HAND MADE by the bride and her family, right down to this stunning cake...