head over heels

You know, there are lots of things you can be head over heels in love with.

It might be a pair of booties and your furbaby.

It might be your daughter or your sister, and your granddaughter or niece.

And it might be the beautiful bump you're sporting.

But then again, it might be a session that you are completely head over heels in love with.  Like I am with this one.

who wants cake?

So first, we have to warm up to one another.  S woos us all with a little mood music and his dashing good looks...

After a few portraits for posterity's sake...

Mr S slipped into something a little more comfortable.

And then, the imminent demise of the cake began.

After a bit of coaxing, Mr S settled into derby demolition mode with the help of Dad, who was unable to contain his urge to fling a little cake himself.  I suggested maybe Dad would like a cake smash session of his own, but he declined.  Too bad.  I think I would have shooting enjoyed that. :)

I think he looks like he has been eating Smurfs, no?

Happy first birthday, my beautiful Ginger friend!

Alice in Wonderful-Land

Sometimes, you just want to play dress-up.  And sometimes, you just want to take pictures.  Of course dressing up and taking pictures at the same time can be difficult, so sometimes you need a willing volunteer...

And she was AMAZING.  We planned for just an hour or two, and ended up finishing sometime close to midnight.

Alice is funny, intelligent, playful, sweet, and hilarious.  All at the same time.

On top of all that, she is GORGEOUS.

Thank you so much for indulging us both, Miss Alice.

Now, all we need is that damned snowstorm...