a guiding family

So a couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to try making a wall tent. Just a small one. And when this family learned of its existence, they jumped at the chance to have a wall tent session!

This family has guiding in its blood, with mom going on (I won't disclose how many decades) of being an active member.

Here the boys demonstrate their nature surveying prowess.

(and goofy faces...)

While the girls demonstrate their wilderness skills. (and goofy faces.)

Of course it's not all guiding, all day.

Mostly, it's a lot of love and laughter.

(and goofy faces.)

if you put a couch in the forest, someone's gonna sit on it

So I was at this garage sale this one time, and there was this super lightweight loveseat that fell into my trunk by accident as I was driving away. I often put it in the forest or a field or a parkade and like magic, people sit on it...

This handsome little diablo seems calm and serene when compared to his sisters...

These ladies have been *these* sorts of deliciously goofy, independent, rivalrous, pestering sisters for as long as I can remember...

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Until next year...

cakes over pies!

Photographers are always dodging weather - if it's too wet, too cold, too sunny, too windy we end up taking raincheck after raincheck before the weather cooperates. J & B almost missed out on a e-session because of this, and so it was a miracle that we even had this very brief, close to sundown, almost rained-out time to get a few captures literally days before the wedding, which was to be held on Thanksgiving Day.

I think we had all hoped that the fall colours would stick around so we could get the same rich hues in the background but alas, by Thanksgiving, it was looking pretty abysmal. No rain checks, though, and there was little colour left othe than the late autumn florals put out by the hotel.

(How great are these shoes?! Fashionable AND sensible!)

Getting into the dress is always an ordeal, even a simple elegant sheath like this one!

The ladies shared a brief moment in prayer before getting leaving so that the bride and groom could have a little privacy for their first look.

We hid J in the bathroom and put B in place staring out the window.

Has face really says it all...

Since there was going to be no dance at the reception, we played a little music and had a dance in the hotel room.

Then we scurried off to do the wedding party formals before the ceremony.

Which started with a photobombing dogpoop in the park...

... but well enough afterwards.

Between the chill of autumn in the air, the overcast skies and the mostly naked trees, it was up to these two look warm in the photos. I think they did ok!

Back at the hotel, the guests had filtered in and seated themselves.


Immediately following the ceremony, the family joined us out front for some family photos.

And just like that, it was time for a late lunch.

I have a special fondness for intimate weddings like this one - it felt like a family dinner more than a wedding!

There wasn't any pumpkin pie on the menu, and I'm not sure why these guys were so special they needed TWO cakes, but they were both beautiful!

It was a perfectly brief, sweet day for a perfectly adorable couple. The day both started and ended early so that people could get back to their families and find some pumpkin pie or if you're the bride, take a nap.

Congratulations, Jamie & Ben!