oneLOVE: patience is a virtue...

...that the groom now lacks, apparently - after all that waiting for Ms. Right to show up it went right out the window.  I got harassing emails from this amazing couple comprised of my sister from another mister Tenacious "D" and Mr. "Spank Me - I Can't Wait!" from ON THEIR HONEYMOON.  Yes, seriously - they took time out of (whatever it is they were doing on their honeymoon) to send me demands requests for teasers.  Me, slacker me, absorbed in my other (real) life, made them wait until last night for their teasers.  Now, I am happy to share them with you.  I'm not even halfway done, and these are totally out of order.  And I don't even care.  Because their story tells itself in every picture.

A few of my favourite things about Tenacious D:

Her ability to laugh at the drop of a hat about anything that amuses her...

...(I don't know if she's joking)...

...which she obviously shares with her mother...

...her grandmother...

...her "little" brother...

...and her cousin...

...who also happened to be her Maid of Honour...

...and got to do all the fun stuff like drive, make sure she didn't gag herself with her veil or spill coffee on it, and stitch her into her beautiful dress.

(apparently, playing in whispers on the staircase is familiar territory for these two...)


I love how Tenacious D's eyes turn this wicked shade of green and she melts into a puddle of shmooshy softness when she's happy, which usually involves thoughts or conversations with or about Mr. Spank Me.

(Her MOH had the wickedest blue eyes, too - it was like someone had coloured their eyeballs in with Crayola markers or something...)

And, of course, her impeccable taste in footwear....

Some of my favourite things about Mr. Spank Me:

He is the human embodiment of even-tempered, and there is something soothing and calming about everything he does.


He is very close with his older brother.

He is great friends with his father in law, who not only gave his daughter away but stood up as a member of the wedding party as did Tenacious D's Mom.

But mostly what I love about Mr. Spank Me is...

...he loses his cool and calm and turns into a giant child full of giddiness and joyful glee when he is anywhere near Tenacious D.  Which apparently means he sometimes needs a good spanking, hence, Mr. Spank Me.

Lastly, but most importantly, he lets Danielle see her through his eyes, as we all see her - beautiful, charming, smart, and funny.  With great taste in shoes.

Some of my favourite things about this couple:

When they are together, the entire world recedes from around them, leaving them in a self-spun cocoon of gentle sweet loveliness.

They love necking in front of the camera.  (OK - I think they love necking ANYTIME, but there's no judging here...)

And I do verily believe they have a brilliant life together ahead of them, steeped with equal parts humour, love, and genuine gratitude.

 What I loved about this wedding was how small and intimate it was, how each guest had been carefully chosen and their presence honoured and cherished, even those who were no longer there in body.

I don't think there was a dry eye in the house when these two exchanged their vows, present company included.

And the personal touches that made each and every one of us - even the photographers - feel like we were an integral part of their magical day was simply stunning.  

I will honestly have to do a completely separate blog entry about their reception when I have the pictures ready, because it completely floored me - the passion and love these two share with not only one another but dear their friends and family is the epitome of picture perfect love, and why I love this job so much.  

Dear D & R,

Thank you so much for letting me and Bill join you for your crazy amazing wedding.  Sometimes, when you connect with people, it's like you've known them all your life.  Or maybe in a previous life.  I'm excited to get to the rest of your pictures, but mostly I'm proud to call you not just clients, but new friends.  Let's do Chapters soon.

mmmm.... coffee....



Week (what week is this?) DLS exercise

I have to apologize to my workshoppers - last week was, frankly, a complete write-off for me.  I didn't even realize that I had forgotten to post the exercise until this afternoon.  So, we're going to double up, but these are both pretty simple.

Part 1:

The "I am" exercise.  This one is SUPER important, because we will be using the information you come up with in our final workshop next weekend.  It's pretty simple.  Here it is:

Complete the sentence, "I am..." with the top 10 things that come to your mind.

I am:

Mom to my kids and my dogs
Wife to my amazing husband
Friend to my mother, sister, colleagues and besties
Writer of whatever strikes my fancy
Photographer of People doing People-ish things
Lover of wine and cheese
Shoe addict, by trade
Bicycle commuter

You can share this list on your blog or not - it's entirely up to you - and they don't need to be in any particular order - they will shift and change over time.  Mine from 3 weeks ago is different from 3 years ago is different from today's, and that's OK - we change and grow and have different priorities.

Part 2:

Research, straight up.  I want you to go to a minimum of 5 different photography websites (any genre you like) and take notes about their packages and pricing - do they include CDs of hi-res images?  Do they charge a sitting fee?  Do they use a minimum investment policy?  Do they even advertise their prices?  Are they heavily "branded" or sort of "generic"? What kinds of "extras" do they have ie) custom framing, albums, etc.  Do they belong to any professional organizations?  Bring your notes to class (either jotted down or written out - whichever you choose is fine.)

See you may 1st!!!

bellyLOVE: pregnant together

Sometimes, you don't know what you need, but you get it anyways without even asking.  One of the most amazing experiences two women can have is to go through pregnancy together - having someone to share laughter, complaints, and concerns with who is quite literally ~right there with you~ is something no books, family, or well-meaing friends can ever provide.  And such is the case with these two amazing ladies, who also happen to be fortunate enough to be sisters-in-law.  J & K have been friends for years, since J got together with S.  S happens to be K's big brother.  S&J told me that they were expecting at K&D's wedding, then just a few weeks later K&D said they were expecting, too

To sum up, I needed this, and I can't imagine two more amazing ladies, and their sweet handsome spouses, to keep me in touch with reality when I needed it so much.  Love, hugs, and gratitude to you all.

Love love love you guys, S&J.

Love love love you guys, K&D.

K & J  -you guys are hilarious lol

K & J swinging in a tree...

...everybody kissing...