iLOVE: people who play dress up!

This past weekend I had the incredible joy and honour of co-teaching a wedding & lighting workshop, followed by a mock wedding, which was really just an excuse to put people in costumes and do what I love best: shoot them :)

Thank you to the workshop participants for their attendance, and to my incredible models for being such amazing troopers and good sports.  A special Shout out to my JennyBooWho for her wicked backcombing, hairspray application, and crimping skills - the hair was 100% her creations.  She even survived a brief round of heat stroke but got back in to finish the day up - THANK YOU!!!

Here are just a few of the many pictures I managed to get; there will be more later, but for now, I present some images from maudevillian mock wedding day...  I'm already thinking up ideas for next year's workshop.  Pencil us in for next year if you want up on this!!!

newLOVE: a picture's worth a thousand words

nowLOVE: they're gettin' hitched!!!

I must have had some good karma banked up for this weekend's shooting.  While it began with an amazing wedding and continued with the wickedest workshop I've ever done, it ended with this cozy little session.

M & B-Co are set to wed on July 17th of this year; we've rescheduled their engagement session about 42 times because of the weather we've been having.  We almost went ahead with it last Tuesday, rain or shine, but instead decided to trust the forecast and push it to this Sunday.  And, it was meant to be.  I could not have asked to end my weekend in any more wonderful, sweet, and beautiful way.  

One of the things I love so much about weddings is how much of the couple's personalities and interests get rolled into the day.  M and B-Co live on an acreage.  The neighbours are very close friends of theirs, and while we were in the neighbour's meadow (yeah, yeah - I know it was a dandelion-infested alfalfa field but I prefer "meadow") they came by with their horse & carriage, which I found out is part of the wedding!  YAY surprises!

I love the picture of M whispering in B-Co's ear.  I won't tell you what she's saying - that's for them and me to know - but it was simply beautiful :)  OK, OK - she was maybe just whispering that he smelled like bug spray but it's better if you pretend she's telling him how much she loves him... not that she has to say it because these two are so obviously connected at the heartstrings you'd have to be blind or ignorant to not see it.

Because I had to get these done in time for them to use a few for the wedding, they got pushed ahead a bit, but I promise there are pictures from this past weekend's killer wedding and the sweeter-than-sweet workshop still to come, PLUS a delicious newborn baby girl that I'm going to meet tonight!!!  It just keeps getting better.  Looking SO very much forward to your wedding in July!!!  MUAH to you and your mosquitoes, and may your grass grow well!

myLOVE: there once was a little girl

Once upon a time, in my younger days, there was a little girl I fell head over heels for.  The sweetest little thing, she was.  And then, a few years later, arrived her little sister, who I was leery of, because I thought, if I love this little girl SOOOOO much, how could I possibly find room in my heart for another little girl?

I needn't have worried.

I remember the moment I discovered how much I loved teaching.  It was one of those lazy Saturday afternoons, when Katrina, Larissa & I would melt half a block of cheddar in the microwave to dip our Melba Toast in.  Katrina, after helping us polish off the Melba & cheddar, had gone out to play with her school friends, and poor little Larissa was stuck inside, bored out of her tree.  Darkwing Duck was over, and Mike Sobel (who hosted cartoons after 4 o'clock rock went under because of MTV..) had said goodbye for the day.  With nary a cartoon to amuse us, we wandered into the kitchen and played with the fridge magnet alphabet.  "What's this, Hopey?"

In the course of one afternoon, Larissa mastered her numbers.  When her Mom came home, there we were, sitting pleased as punch with ourselves, waiting to show her what we had discovered about the fridge magnets.  1 was easy.  2 looks like a coat hanger.  3 is bumpy.  4 was how old she was.  5 was just weird.  6 sits down.  7 was not the 1.  8 was an almost finished snowman.  9 stands up.  ZerOOOOOO looks like your mouth when you say it.  6 sits down and 9 stands up was especially important, because her birthday is today: June 9.

Many years later, I found Katrina & Larissa on the love/hate site Facebook.  And ended up shooting Larissa's wedding.  It's funny how these things come full-circle - here was the little girl I was so afraid to love because I thought I'd have to cut my heart in half, when in fact, it just grew two sizes.  Happy Birthday, My sweet Reesy.


your Hopey.

learningLOVE: Controlled Lighting and Mock Wedding June 13, 2010

Join me on Sunday, June 13, 2010 for an exciting opportunity to learn about setting up controlled lighting (strobes, off-camera flash, and portable/semi-portable systems) and wedding photography (consultation, contracting, and shooting.)  Afterwards, join us in shooting a deliciously twisted mock wedding.  Full day $175, pro-photographers $50 wedding only.

You want to be here for this.  Spaces are limited.  

To get an idea of the setting, below are a few images captured at/near the venue.

newLOVE: babies boys for breakfast

I did a 3-month session about 2 weeks ago, but we got rained out halfway through the session. I got lots of yummy pictures, but wasn't as happy with them as I could have been.  So, I asked if I could come back to get just a couple more pictures.  And boy, am I ever glad I did - I was in, out, and done in under 15 minutes!

How delicious is THAT for Sunday morning breakfast???

oneLOVE: Alicia & Rodney, my cherries :)

K - pause with me a second while I get a little sappy.  About this time last year I was on a trip to Jamaica with this crazy-amazing couple.  One of the guests asked me, while we were climbing the falls, to take a special picture for his wife, who was unfortunately unable to come because she was at home with their newborn second son.

Now, this wasn't the first time Rodney mentioned Alicia.  In fact, it was kind of like a musical, waiting for him to break into something resembling song waxing poetic about the incredible, amazing, beautiful mother of his children.  Both Rodney & I were traveling without our spouses, so I had a special soft spot in my heart for him...

Sadly, I didn't have the honour of knowing this "supposed" amazing woman until he asked me to take their wedding photos many months later after Rodney proposed (and shocked the daylights out of most of us!) while on a family trip.  And within minutes of meeting her it was easy to see why he was so smitten.  Not only is she intelligent, creative, and funny, she is drop-dead gorgeous.

In his wedding speech tonight, Rodney said, "Now I know what it feels like to be the luckiest man on earth."  And he is.  Rodney, Alicia - you are blessed, not only with one another, but an amazing circle of friends and family, and two totally edible little boys.  THANK YOU for letting me come & party on your boat.  After what I didn't think could possibly be a more amazing week, you certainly put the cherries on top. :)

Blah blah blah you say - yes I got the sappy stuff out of the way.  Did you want to see pictures?  You people are all SOOOO predictable...  fine: here you go.  Just a very small taste of the incredible day.  Congratulations Rodney & Alicia.   Despite trying desperately to figure out a way to get engagement photos done, the sun just would not cooperate.  Luckily for us, we made up for it today :)  I predict many bright, cheerful, sunny days ahead...