babyLOVE: so delicious... so very delicious...

Mr. K is just plain edible. Everything about him is edible.  I fell instantly in love with Mom & Dad (who golfed pumpkins on our first photography date what seems like about a bazillion years ago) and then their entire family when we travelled to the Dominican (which also seems like about a bazillion years ago) so it wasn't a stretch to know I'd fall instantly in love with your baby.  Although I must say, I'm still disappointed you didn't name him Luke since he was born on may the 4th, but I guess "Pegasus" will be OK instead.

~snicker snicker~
...poor tormented furbabies...

babyLOVE: long time coming

I have few words, except that Momma J and Poppa S (both whom I have known since before the turn of the century haha!) know that I have waited for Mr O's arrival for a long, long time.  I'm over the moon, so you must be at least over Jupiter by now...  I won't smother you with mushy stuff any more, just show some pictures.  Love love love love and more love to you all <3  

You made a nice peanut.

Congratulation on your little brother, furbabies Tate (top) and Toby (below)!

ILOVE: fresh contact lenses

Dear Jazzy Bear,

I think you'd appreciate how truth is always stranger than fiction.  I used to change my contact lenses on Mondays - every two weeks, without fail, wear 'em if you got 'em.  I also used to make major announcements on Monday.  I have only cried hard enough to pop the contacts right out of my eyes on the wrong day of the week 3 times - once I won't talk about, once was when my Daddy died, and once was when your Mom called me to tell me about your car crash.  I can take a hint.  From now on, Thursday it is.  So, next week, when it's time to pop the old ones out, I'll put in my new eyeballs and think of you fondly.

I still had and have so many wishes for you.  I hope they are all true now.  <3  Let your Mom know I love her - make her a double complete rainbow soon, would ya?

Controlled Lighting and Mock Wedding Workshop: 2011 edition

Can you come out and play?!

Yes, gentle folk, it's that time of year again when we are going to let the lovely and talented Reanna of Blackbird Photography share her knowledge of lighting principles including creative style, set-up, and use of a portable studio/off-camera flash, accompanied by some Dirty Little Secrets about shooting weddings (from consultations and contracts to posing and presentation) and finishing up with a full-on Mock Wedding...

This year's theme?  The Mod Squad!  Tall boots, short dresses, sassy hats, big eyes, sweater vests, shaggy hair, and slim pants...  


And, of course, I have some surprises up my sleeve...

When? June 12, 2011
Time? 10am to 5pm
Place? Old Strathcona, Edmonton
Cost? Workshops and Mock Wedding $175, 
Mock Wedding only (3:00 pm) $25

Refreshments and snacks are included; 
please bring a bagged lunch as we only have 1/2 an hour!

Are you a ham?  Do you love dressing up?  
Want to have some crazy fun pictures taken 
for free and try out modelling?!  
Call me ;)
No experience necessary.

I am looking for 8 models - 5 women and 3 men.  Hair, make-up, and costumes will be provided.

To ask questions, register, or sign up for modelling please send an email to h dot walls at shaw dot ca.  Spaces are limited - sign up ASAP!

iLOVE: taking pictures!!!

For your viewing pleasure I have a random collection of some people I've shot recently...