"Is it OK if I huff your horses?"

I've known this beautiful Momma (we will call her K) for a while. I won't specify what "a while" means because it might date us. But let's just say we go back, through a mutual friend. I was the 12th grade high school BFF, and this lady was the cool after school work BFF.

Our mutual friend (we will call her J) used to speak so very highly of K that I always felt like second fiddle. And then, when I finally met K, with a personality as huge as her heart, I understood why our friend J loved and admired her.

So one day, some time ago - I won't say how long ago - K ended up meeting this cool guy (we will call him B) who kind of rocked her world.

Spotty horse, spotty dog... see what he did there?

And they got hitched. But I didn't meet B until they had a sprog. We will call her C, and our first photo sesh was brilliant. 

Fast forward:

And, she has a little brother now!

They mostly get along. (Kind of.) Like siblings are supposed to (kind of) get along.

Such a beautiful family!

(because trampolines...)

Thank you for having me out and not cringing when I spent a little too much time sniffing your horses.

(Parents are so gross.)