beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

It's a BOY!!!  So excited to meet this little guy on Saturday - he's one of the models selected for the Ashley Hempel Bean to Baby Ultimate Posing Workshop at My Edmonton Studio this weekend!!!

the kind of love you love to love

I had a 2nd maternity session this past weekend with a gorgeous growing little family.  Exhibit A (below) is Baby Number One, who just turned 2.  They have a perfectly good name for him, but Future Heartthrob would work just as well.

You wouldn't know it from the pictures from their session late last year but they had just found out they were expecting number 2.  This, hot on the heels of getting engaged!  Grab a Kleenex and check out the proposal.  ~swoon!~

Ridiculously adorable, right?  The final piece was getting a minivan, which happened literally the day before this session.  Baby Number 2 should arrive in a little over a month.  

You know when you meet *that* family?  That sickly-sweet pairing of people in love, with each other, with their kids, and you can't help but fall in love with them?  These guys are probably the poster-children for *that* family.

After every visit with these guys, I am left tainted with that giddy feeling of being in love... with life, with flowers, with oxygen, with my own husband, with my own children, with butterflies and ladybugs and...  Yes, THAT sickly cute.  

They fill their days with laughter and a joyful exploration of the chaos that comes from being a young family with a rock star dad.  (Have you checked out Oldbury lately?  If not, you should - any band that holds a charity concert called F*ck Cancer is a-OK in my books!)  

For the record I clearly state that Dad will easily be a bigger kid than his kids for probably ever.

Beneath all the smiles and laughs there is a deep mutual respect and admiration this gorgeous couple has for one another.  And it makes me feel all mushy and wonderful inside.

Now.  Tell me you don't want to go hug someone after seeing these pictures.  Get some cuddles.  And a smootch.  And do a little happy dance of love.  If you deny it, I'll call you a liar.