welcome baby G!!!

When everyone thinks of newborn sessions these days, they think of this:

But sometimes, newborns are FAR too interested in the world around them to waste a perfectly good photo session being sleepy.

And so, we get to look into their curious little faces with their curious little eyes, and experience them, experiencing their new world.

Whether fast asleep or wide awake, crying or cooing, pooping or eating, a newborn session is always filled with one thing: a whole lot of babyLOVE!!!

Welcome, baby G, to your amazing and beautiful little family! 

to all the lovely ladies

It's time to channel your inner diva/goddess/vixen/vamp!!!

I don't often do beauty sessions, but when I do I am always in love with the images - some classy, some sassy, some poised, some playful... all beautiful!!! On Sunday, June 30th, 2013, I will be hosting a one-day only full on beauty portrait day - playful pin-up, classic Hollywood glamour, soft and sexy boudoir, funky retro - whatever you wish, we will endeavour to create at My Edmonton Studio.

One price ($350+GST) includes hair, make-up (with lashes), and photography.  $25 from each session will be pooled and donated to a borrower from Kiva, an international charity that provides loans empowering individuals with the capital to sustain and grow their small businesses.  The cool part is that once the loan is repaid we will re-invest the funds, so it really is a gift that will keep on giving!

Want to sign up?  Zip me an email to h dot walls at shaw dot ca or ring me up/text me at 780.906.3668 so we can plan the theme and discuss details of your session.  There are only FOUR (4!) spots available  but 2 are already taken, so if you don't want miss out on this wonderful opportunity to get pampered, shoot me a message quick!

(Psst - make sure you arrange a sitter for date night with your hubby if you have kidlets, or let your besties know you're looking for ladies night out - you're not going to want to waste all that looking and feeling gorgeous on going home to watch Netflix!)

Relay for Life 2013

This year's Relay snuck up on me out of nowhere.  Usually, the competition between my North Country Fair deadlines and the Relay are manageable due to them being staggered by a week.  This year, with the Edmonton Relay's move to the new location, there was an unavoidable date change which caused my NCF deadline AND the Relay to fall on the same weekend.

All kinds of chaos ensued for me, with a shortage of volunteers and time creating a unique challenge.  My husband and my daughter pitched in so instead of holding down the fort I was able to spend quite a bit of time shooting, which was WONDERFUL.  It reminded me what a powerful, wonderful, amazing event the Relay is, and just how deeply I am touched by it each and every year.  I reconnected with some regulars and familiar faces, and made some new friends.  I learned that some of my Relay friends became survivors.  Some of my Relay friends who were survivors last year were remembered for losing their fight.

The track is full of stories.  Each and every person there has had their life changed, irreversibly altered, by the impact of cancer on their loved ones and themselves.  The victims, the families, and the caregivers are all felled to their knees, left unwillingly at the mercy of an unbiased monster.  Cancer isn't picky, you see.  It doesn't see age, gender, race, culture, or religion.  It doesn't see beauty, filth, disparity, intelligence, stupidity, kindness, meanness, or wealth.  It doesn't care if you are a husband, wife, sister, brother, auntie, uncle, son, daughter, friend, colleague, or neighbour.   Nothing tells these stories better than the trail of luminaries.  And until we no longer have to light a candle in memory of another cancer victim, we have no choice but to continue fighting.

If you would like to view more images from the event, please visit the Zoomphoto site here.  100% of the proceeds from sales are donated back to the Canadian Cancer Society.  All images are copyright Canadian Cancer Society.


I really don't have words to describe how special this family is to me, especially Dad.  At one of the lowest points of my life, he stood by me and gave me all the love, support, and friendship any person could ever ask for.  No one celebrated more when he (finally) got engaged to his beautiful bride (I called it the first day I met her) and they've had a busy couple of years since, growing not only their business but their family.  Welcome to your beautiful daughter, S & J.  O is such a sweet and loving big brother - his attentiveness is surely rubbed off in no small part from Dad, while his gentle sweetness is definitely from Mom.  muchmuchmuchmuchmuchLOVE to all 4 of you.  Welcome to your amazing family, E.  You are one lucky little lady.

a little wedding slideshow

Since I'm still failing miserably at migrating my old Flash site to the spanky new HTML one, I figured I'd throw a little wedding slideshow up here for you to enjoy some fabulous 1920s music I found online the other day.  Feel free to get up and do a little Charleston!  :)  Happy Thursday everyone!


I've been SO busy the past while I have had ZERO time to visit with my friends.

Come on up to My Edmonton Studio on Friday June 7th anytime after 8pm for snacks and drinks!  Please RSVP or send me a text (780.906.3668) or email (h.walls@shaw.ca) so I know how many wine spritzers to stock ;)

Cash bar, cheesy door prizes, and a potential dance off....

2013 Edmonton Relay for Life

Please enjoy this video of teasers while I work on completing the post-processing and uploading files to the Zoomphoto site.

PS - if you don't know this song, you should take 20 minutes of your life and watch this mini-doc by soulpancake about a young man named Zach Sobiech.

wait for it.... waaaait for iiiiittttttttt...

Relay for Life pics coming TONIGHT!  Woohoo!!!