these three sisters

I guessed when I found out that J was pregnant that she would have a third girl, based solely on the fact that it would match the three brothers they have as cousins on their Dad's side. I should have bet someone money.

While waiting for the newb to get her milk drunk on, one sister wanted to show me how bendy she was...

... wile her other sister wanted to sit and play with her auntie (mom to the three brothers) and pose mutilated dollies. I feel you, girlfriend. I really do.

Once the newb was nice and slobbery milkdrunk, we managed to snap a few pics but we never made it to the mermaid/ocean-themed set I had brought along.

Big sisters to the rescue!

As always, thank you to J & J for adopting me when B did. Off to photograph a little boy now, who was born on the same day in the same hospital...

muchLOVE to you all!!!


This is A.  A only speaks Persian at home and is learning English at daycare.  The language barrier wasn't a problem - the spirit of "let's play!" is the same in any language.

A is about to become a big brother.

A has always been the apple of his parents' eyes - they call him "the boss" because he realy does rule the roost.

Dad M said on Facebook: "Happy Mother's Day to the loveliest mom of all time. From dad, A, and his brother who is the only person knows what his mom's heart sounds like from the inside."

Baby Brother E arrived on May 22, and while  thinks E i alright, he'd really rather someone just take him away so he can have his Mom all to himself.

I have a feeling though that like all brothers, this aversion is temporary.

Over time, A & E will become the best of friends, sharing secrets (both naughty and nice alike) and a deep love for their mother and father, that echoes the love they clearly have for their sons.

Congratulations, Mom, Dad, and Big Brother and welcome, E, the newest brother I know.

boho bellies and blossoms and boys OH MY!!!

Apple blossom season hits Edmonton fast and hard and can be wiped out in a matter of hours by a good spring rain or wind.  So the second I knew the blossoms were out, I put the call out.

WANTED: pregnant lady, 30+ weeks...

I've worked with S and S before - not only did she model for me for a retro shoot...

But we did maternity pictures when Mr. Z (the adorable boy here) was a belly bump himself...

Thank you S & S for relinquishing your comfy Sunday afternoon for my magpie tendencies and indulging my desire to shoot a pregnant family with the blossoms.  You are beautiful, inside and out, and I am excited o see your family grow both in number and love.  Cheers to you all <3 from my heart to yours!

Me and you in a tippy canoe...

Sometimes sh*t happens.  A lot of it.  Sometimes, your entire wedding plan falls apart - the venue, the dress, the photographer...

And then a random email from a friend in your wedding party leads you to find someone who loves...

Chickakoo lake...



And the answer always being 42.

And you know?  Sometimes you just need to accept that sh*t happens for a good reason.


Did you know my favourite candy ever is the almighty M&M?  Plain, peanut, and yes - MINT.  Guess what your pre-wedding snack is?  You're welcome.

A celebration for Playdoh and Penny

Say hello to Playdoh (on the left) and Penny, wiener dogs extraordinaire. They will sit in suitcases. For cheese.

Playdoh and Penny have been members of this family since before there were children.

Pets are often our first "children." They teach us about responsibility, trust, unconditional love, and (sadly) dying. 

And when that time comes, you might have to book a photo shoot during which you give your mammal companion special treats. If your name is Playdoh, that means you unhinge you jaw for maximum goody consumption...

It wasn't long after this photoshoot that sweet Playdoh said farewell and left this sweet family with the kind of grief that reminds us that love is both painful, and limitless.

I suspect that Playdoh is somewhere over the rainbow bridge waiting for this Mama to come. With cheese.

the bestest HMUA ever!!!

I had a hair and make-up team I worked with for about 6 years.  One of them moved away and the other cut back work to be Momma which are BOTH admirable things but WHAT ABOUT ME????  Well, fortunately me for, I met a lady at my kids' school about a year before being abandoned by my people. ~sniff sniff~

Her oldest son went to the same French bilingual school as my daughters.  We were helping the school kids avoid stepping in horse poop while loading them onto a wagon during the school's bi-annual Cabane a Sucre event.  

We chatted, discovered mutual interests, and after I bought some pilfered tortiere (from a lady who makes the pies in Plamondon whose son was driving the band in a reefer - short for refrigerated - truck bound for the farmer's market was parked out back) we exchanged Facebook contact info and called it a day.

Until my peeps moved on to motherhood and new provinces and I said, "Hey!  I support local!" and I took a chance on the AMAZING Kali...

Who it turns out is not only beautiful but funny, intelligent, kind, extraordinarily talented, and... SUPER cool!  She was in fact the only person I brought in to paint my sister's wedding party in 2015...  

Thank you Kali for being my go-to girl.  I adore you, and your Mom, and your kids...  Need a hair and make-up girl?  Click here.  She is the bomb.  And a decent human being.  REALLY decent.  <3

When you rent a studio and force your friends to come

I'm not going to say I am incredibly adept at getting regular family photos done.  In fact, I kind of really suck at it, truth be told.  I do not, however, allow others to follow my folly.  I was super stoked to have this family grace the frontside of my camera for a long-overdue update on their family pictures.  Thank you for entertaining me with not only you adorable-ness but your sass, char, and silliness.  Love you guys bitz-n-peezes!