This is A.  A only speaks Persian at home and is learning English at daycare.  The language barrier wasn't a problem - the spirit of "let's play!" is the same in any language.

A is about to become a big brother.

A has always been the apple of his parents' eyes - they call him "the boss" because he realy does rule the roost.

Dad M said on Facebook: "Happy Mother's Day to the loveliest mom of all time. From dad, A, and his brother who is the only person knows what his mom's heart sounds like from the inside."

Baby Brother E arrived on May 22, and while  thinks E i alright, he'd really rather someone just take him away so he can have his Mom all to himself.

I have a feeling though that like all brothers, this aversion is temporary.

Over time, A & E will become the best of friends, sharing secrets (both naughty and nice alike) and a deep love for their mother and father, that echoes the love they clearly have for their sons.

Congratulations, Mom, Dad, and Big Brother and welcome, E, the newest brother I know.



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