Friday night was exciting (I'll tell you about it last) but Saturday morning after eating a whole schwack of nostalgic treats we'd bought in Banff, we ended up at the gymnastics club, where Serejane was signed up for gymnastics.  As I stood there signing her up, I fondly remembered my own excitement when the Orange Fairy signed me up for gymnastics.  (no pictures, sorry - I didn't feel like working. lol)  Saturday afternoon after gymnastics and groceries, we headed over to pick up Nanook (the Orange Fairy's current moniker) so Wil could make up a pan of Shepherd's Pie for us all before heading for a sleepover.  Nanook brought over carrots, corn, potatoes, and tomatoes from her garden, which also brought back some seriously nostalgic memories.  Sunday morning we got up and putzed around the house until it was time to collect Wil (who had been helping Nanook paint her steps and some furniture) and head over to Fort Edmonton.  Well, the Fort was a gong show, so we bypassed it and headed for the Space & Science Centre, which was also a gong show, and ended up at a random park for a picnic.  After finding no movies we could enjoy as a family, we opted for giving the kids each $5 and setting them loose in the secondhand store, where Bill found me thee sassiest pair of rollerskates...  (I rollerskated a LOT when I was much much younger.  I missed my 2 pairs of rollerskates that i stupidly got rid of.)  I'm also thinkin' we have some great props for our upcoming 80s retro fashion shoot in November... But all in all, it was kind of fun being stuck in a time warp half the weekend.

So, coming OUT of a time warp: Friday's big excitement was, the renos on the upstairs bathroom are (almost) complete!  After just 5 short years (yes, it took us 5 years to decide to hire a contractor to just do it lol) we actually have a functioning (and beautiful) sink, toilet, and shower on the main floor.  It's not finished - there are some bits to sort out like the tile opening for the heating vent being about 1/4" too small to fit the grill, 2 tiles that aren't flush and need to be reset, the light fixture not being centred over the sink, and towel hooks, racks, and art still needing to be hung - but the fact I can pee in the middle of the night without having to haul it downstairs, well - that's jst heavenly.  So, if you happen to call and it's echoey on the phone, I'm probably not peeing while on the phone, but I am probably chatting with you my fancy new bathroom...

Happy last weekend of September, everyone!  Next up, halloween!!!  (I'm totally figuring out a way to incorporate those rollerskates into my costume this year...)

I'm booked solid but...

Still looking for fall portraits?  Interested in some Christmas photos?  Tasha is doing fall portrait sessions for those people who hate tacky school pictures, as well as a Christmas Card promotion.  She is also still booking private sessions.  Look for details on her blog.

twice as nice

I`ve been working with Sheila for a couple of years now, doing weddings out at her gorgeous 4-star Suffolk House Bed & Breakfast , and I`m always excited when she asks me to come and do her fall family pictures not only because I enjoy my time with Sheila, but it`s because I get to see the twins! This year was an extra-special date - Sheila`s sister, brother-in-law, and their 85-year old Mum were over from across the pond. We always have such a lovely time, and I can never get enough of the gorgeous surroundings out there.

Aren`t they all smiling beautifully...

...so I turned around to see what they were all smiling at:

This diptych makes me smile lol

Last time M&G were in this suitcase, they were small enough to sleep side by side in it!

Note the girls both have a spoon. Note the girls are both feeding themselves. Note the girls are not feeding themselves with the (apparently) ornamental spoons.

officially autumn

I'm a prairie kid.  I like visiting the mountains and the ocean is OK, too, but nothing makes my heart sing like a big ol' farmer's field and lots of big sky.  Happy first day of fall, everyone!!!

last day of summer

I headed out to the park to meet up for a metering date with Rebecca of Twinklepix today.  We invited other people to come, but only my sweet Treener Beaner (I used to baby sit her!) showed up early enough to get in on the leaf pile action with her hubby J and their daughter Miapoop (she casually announced they were working on #2, and I thought her being taller than me and me having a son in junior high made me feel old lol.)  Bill was a total baby hog as usual, but I was totally crushing on the Beckmeister's son Jax and Mia (who is a dead ringer for her Mom when she was a toddler lol)  D came by with Jasonpoop and Loganpoop (they were having a sleepover with H & Q, who came along as well) but unfortunately showed up just as we were readying ourselves to leave, so we'll have to find another time to catch up.  In the meantime, rest assured, my sinuses are indeed thanking me right now for putting them at risk while getting some really fun pics.  Check 'em out!

third time's a charm

Being a born-and-raised Alberta girl I should know that clear skies don't represent the day's weather any better than cloudy ones do. After finishing up with the first two sessions of the day in near-perfect weather, I drove off in the rain to session number three feeling a bid of panic settling in. I hadn't planned on rain (stupid me) and so decided to leave the backdrops and strobes at home. My third stop for the day was a client whose house I happen to know doesn't have the brightest natural light in their living room. We briefly discussed our options - and decided to shoot in their foyer. Well, even though there was a high window over the landing letting in tremendous amounts of beautiful diffused light, the brilliant smiles of Hannah and her big brother Isaac could have lit the room up anyways! E & K - I swear, I'm renting your foyer the next time I hit a patch of bad weather out your way... Just one question before I go though: how do you manage to not eat your kids? They are absolutely edible!!!

(I swear I heard the cat singing, "I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight...")

(Remember last year's kangaroo costume?!  Hannah was a bun in the over still...  Poor Alphonse the Moose thought it was a mouse.  This year, he'd be right.)

(I forgot to mention that Hannah & Isaac's mommy is looking FANTASTIC!!!)

threatening skies

Even if I hadn't been able to spend the afternoon photographing this extraordinarily beautiful family, I probably would have been out shooting the skies. After leaving the A family and heading off for session #2 this day, the weather started turning ugly, and got downright pushy mid-session. I was in heaven. Really, the lighting was a photographer's dream, and the broody skies just added an element of tension. These pictures are truly worth 1000 words. Maybe more. Mom, Dad - let's not wait another two years, OK?

(I think indoor-only kitty has a new best friend...)

nothing more to ask

A couple of weeks ago I go to spend my first session of the day with Mr. and Mrs. A and their three little A-Plusses.  And I'm tellin' ya, this session had it ALL - perilous hillside treks, tree climbing, fence jumping, rock throwing, parental necking, face-making, much MUCH laughter, and even a fire hydrant!  The weather couldn't have been more perfect for this totally enjoyable session with the A family.  I can't help but smile as I flip through the pictures - thanks for such a wonderful start to a very full day of shooting!

piggyback reverse

When we got rained out for our 10am slot, J & Co & I cleverly thought it would be an OK idea to do the families concurrently. While it certainly solved the weather problem, and while the weather certainly couldn't have cooperated more (check out the amazing lighting!) it certainly made for a nutty session! Thanks to both families for your patience - you guys are as gorgeous as ever! J & D, you know I adore you guys and I'm totally crushing on your kids. I always look forward to our annual visit... I'm just hoping little Miss T-bird warms up to me soon or I'll be out of a gig! ~smirk~