In Studio - May 14, 2017

Making plans for Mother's Day?  Good!  Make sure you schedule a few minutes to stop in for photos!
A studio has been rented for these sessions, so the weather can do whatever it wants.

Limited spaces are available - please book yourself in with your email address by responding to the doodle poll here.  If you do not use an email address, I will release the spot!  Your 30 minute session comes with ~5-10 fully edited files for a cool $175.

Please contact me directly at the "contact Me" link above if you require hair and make-up services for your session!

PS.  Just for fun, Mominate someone for induction to the Mom Hall of Fame with this MadLib!

Need pics with your Mom?  No problem!

You want updated pictures of the kids?  We can do that!

You think it's time for photos of you and your grandchildren before they start college?  Got that covered!

You want to pamper yourself (or your wife) with a hair and make-up and a photo shoot before taking her out for dinner?  Absolutely!

Your Baby Momma wants dudeoir photos of you?  Make her wish come true!

Your kid is a furbaby... with feathers?  We can help you out with that, too!

Here's the booking info in case you forgot!  (The top of the page was a long ways up, I know!)

Limited spaces are available - please book yourself in with your email address by responding to the doodle poll here.  If you do not use an email address, I will release the spot!  Your 30 minute session comes with ~5-10 fully edited files for a cool $175.

Please contact me directly at the "contact Me" link above if you require hair and make-up services for your session!

Pics with Chicks!!!

The best laid plans often (usually?) fall by the wayside.  I have some pretty amazing people in my life who just roll with it anyway, and before I share the details I need to do a roll call, which will occur via FB (sorry IG'ers... PS Pew Research says lots of you are lying about where you spend your time online... lol)

First, to Rayne & Co.... - this tiny girl who once held my first baby when she was a toddler and he was a newborn, and she has grown into the incredible woman I knew she would with no shortage of help from her incredible and incomparable Mom Carrie (who with her lovable roomie Emmmmmm saved me from pregnancy, labour and delivery boredom).  Her Dad (by choice and by chance) Cy is perhaps the most unconditional and resourceful human being you could ever be lucky enough to meet be choice OR by chance.  It was Rayne, with the support and love of her incredibly handsome and charming fiance Josh who brainstormed ad executed this craziness and I was ALL OVER being a part of it!!!  PS I am so stoked to spend time with the sprogs...  when are pre-wedding family pics?!?!

Second, to my own family, starting with Bill my (handsome, sexy, lovable...) supportive and loving husband who wins a tie with Cy for being the guy who tolerated my incredibly unfortunate timing with getting an injection that does little for my diplomacy, tact, and kindness and my son Kaelan for his wildly inappropriate fake FB job yet wildly committed dedication to being the designated firestarter and grill maintainer - every person who had hot chocolate or a charred piece of meat owes you as much gratitude as they ow Cy for finding me power and Bill for making sure (for always making sure) that if my poop is not in a group despite my vision, it is, when it needs to be.

And lastly, but certainly not the least importantly, to YOU - the brave souls who came out in spite of the crazy cold snowy weather to make this event fun and memorable!    PLEASE consider donating $10 or more to the EHS by clicking this link.   Without further ado, many pictures... links to free downloads at the end!

Thak you again to everyone who made this event FUN!!  Happy Easter everyone!!!!

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finding your fitness village

I haven't really shouted it from the treetops but I also haven't been shy sharing details of my journey towards better physical and mental health (there's actually a whole "file under P for personal" post coming up about that) but suffice it to say that I am not a stranger to knowing that making a commitment to transform your life is a huge commitment.  While I am not at the "end" of my journey, I can state with no uncertainty these three truths:

3) You need to track your progress, whether that's by the size of your pants, by the weight you can clean and press, or by the distance you can run (or a number on the scale, which is really only one of many things to get excited about).

2) You need to be committed to changing your lifestyle to include conscious eating and exercise for fitness and health - I am personally committed to doing squats not so my ass looks better in jeans but so that I can go to the bathroom unassisted as long as possible... #reallifegoals

1) you need SUPPORT by like-minded people who are on the same road as you are, who will not judge, who know when to cheerlead and when to tell you to get your head out of the clouds (or your own backside), who GET it, who get YOU...

You can find a million formal and informal, paid and unpaid, online and in-person, local, national, and international communities out there - Weight Watchers, TOPS, My Fitness Pal, Apple Health, FitBit, a private chef and full-time personal trainer... and no two programs are completely alike, which is great, because no two people are alike.  Regardless of which program or combination of programs you choose, the number one thing that will spur you on to the lasting success is going to be SUPPORT.  I have joked with my friend and colleague Christine Hopaluk who lost 100lbs and became a personal trainer (go check out her inspirational blog!) that when you find your fitness "village" you will know it, and while I have mine already at No More Excuses (also led by a woman who lost weight and turned her passion into a career - read their bios and you'll see why this is my "village" lol), I have a feeling for many others still searching, Healthy Role Models, might be the right choice.

I was fortunate enough last year to be introduced to HRM - an international network of like-minded, self-mentoring challengers who have created this AMAZING community - because a friend and colleague (and co-gym-rat) did not feel she was the right fit as a photographer for this project and I cannot tell you how fortuitous it was.  I kid you not, when I found out that several of the ladies who organized a photo shoot celebrating themselves wherever they were at on their personal journeys, I would not have known that many of them had never actually met in person!  They were true sisters in spirit and the entire day was inspiring and uplifting, with each woman on a completely different path to being actively healthy.  They were, quite simply, a village.

If you are interested in finding out more (or signing up!) there is a new challenge starting NEXT WEEK (yes, next week...) GO NOW!!!

Without further ado, here are 10 of the amazing travellers taking the same journey as I am, on the road that works for them, with the village that loves them.  If you haven't yet, I truly hope you find your fitness village, too.

championship-level smiling

Say hello to M, whose cheeky little smile is so utterly adorable it crushes my heart!

While handsome little M was born with Down Syndrome, my younger sister was born with a chromosomal abnormality that caused her to be microcephalic.  As a result, I definitely have a soft spot for families who also have exceptional family members.

The most wonderful thing about M being born now is that great strides have been made by both the families and the individuals themselves to de-stigmatize developmental challenges and advocate for opportunities that simply didn't exist when my sister was born.

I personally think that M has the looks and personality to follow in Madeline Stuart's shoes and become be the world's first male supermodel or maybe take on a starring role in a TV show like the ever-inspirational Becky character played by none other than Lauren Potter.  Or, maybe he starts kicking butt in the photography world like the talented Geoffrey Mikol, owner of River Bend Gallery.

But, since M has a bit of time to figure out his career options, he can just focus on being a champ in the achingly sweet smiles department for now.  I'm totally OK with that.


March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day and this year's #notspecialneeds video directed by the award-winning Wayne McClammy is nothing short of brilliant.

If you're interested in getting involved, I know that the Special Olympics run on volunteer steam (I used to be a swim coach!) and Inclusion Alberta is an amazing resource.  Sadly, the deadline for application for summer positions at Camp HeHoHa has passed but you might want to make note for next year...

Billy Ray with eyes of grey

This sweet little boy will be up for adoption soon at AARCS.  How delicious are those big grey-green eyes and those little chocolate-brown eyebrows?!

He's so laid back he could be called Chilly Ray.

Such a beautiful little face.  ~swoon~

If you're not looking for a new furbaby, please consider supporting AARCS - their wish list and donor page is here!