Bikes for Sale on Craigslist NOLA

As a year-round bicycle commuter who enjoys both sweltering heat and sub-zero snowy rides in Edmonton, Canada where motorists actively try to run you off the road for merely existing, let me just tell you how GLORIOUS it is enjoying a bicycle-friendly city like NOLA.  NOLA's countless dedicated and shared bike lanes were a welcome shift from my hometown's lack of bike lanes which are often unusable in winter due to ice, windrows, and/or pea gravel and in summer due to construction, flooding, or road erosion.

You're visiting NOLA and think you need to rent a car?  Foolishness!  You already live in NOLA and don't have a bike?  Nonsense!  After 10 days I can assure you that with the tiniest bit of planning for tours that require you take interstate, everything else can (and should) be done by bike.  Instead of credit cards and your Valium, pack your bike helmet and lock and give NOLA's bumper-to-bumper traffic and copious one-way streets a giant FU by biking it instead.  Trust me.  It's the way you want to roll.

Drag Queen brunch with bottomless mimosas at The Country Club followed by antique- and thrift-store shopping?  Check.
Cafe au Lait and beignets to go from Cafe du Monde for your cruise on the Steamboat Natchez?  Check.
French Quarter for branded cocktails on Bourbon Street, late night jazz on Frenchmen, and the haunted history of pirate (or patriot) Jean Lafitte?  Check.
Wildlife and nature?  HECK YEAH!
Dollar General and WalMart for sunscreen, bandaids, bike tools, and antihistamines? Check.
Chalmette Battlefield and Malus-Beauregard Plantation for some historical reference?  Check.
Ferry (for $2!) across the Mississippi to Algiers Points for some Appetite Repair Shop food?  Check.
CVS on Canal for 24-hour squeezable frozen drinks and (very) late night munchies?  Check.
Freebies like festivals and parades, cemeteries (the Metairie Cemetery was a racetrack - you want to bike it), Gentilly-Hastings Pool (summer only but still), and the trail systems at City Park?  All covered.

These bikes are not fancy, but they are totally functional.  "Lilly" the Huffy was bought from the NOLA Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) and is a coaster-brake (backpedal) Cruiser bike.  Lilly comes with a free multi-tool so you can loosen up her handlebars, turn them 90 degrees, and shove her in your trunk.  If you like, you could take Lilly back to YEP and they can probably help you get her in tip top shape with a truing stand and spoke key...

 "Gregg" the Pacific Vista is a mountain bike found on Craigslist from a bike enthusiast with possibly some bike hoarding tendencies like my husband. (No judgments, just an observation.)  Gregg has a quick-release front tire so he will fit in your trunk with Lilly fine so he comes with a free tire repair kit instead.  Gregg could use a little love with the brakes, but again, did I mention YEP can probably help you out with that?


You can buy either one for $60 or take the pair - that's TWO WHOLE BIKES - for just $100 and we will throw in the can of WD40 we used to lube them up for absolutely NO EXTRA DOLLARS!  You can take a bus to pick up the bikes, and most buses are equipped with a bike rack so even those further-away locations you're worried about being too hot and tired to reach are at your disposal for just $3/day for unlimited bus travel on the RTA.

Want to see the adventures of Lilly and Greg?  Check out the pics.  Then buy the bikes.  Be a part of the legacy.  #holanola

See the Craigslist ad (and buy the bikes) here, then check back for the complete story of Hope and Bill in the Big Easy with Lilly and Greg (and Stu) right here, later.

Bill and Hope in the Big Easy

Coming soon...

let your light shine

No two girls are alike, and this was made painfully obvious by this fun day that we planned way back in January of 2016, which sadly I am just getting around to sharing now.  The idea was to have a mini-spa day.  We brought in a hair stylist, make-up artist, masseuse, and nail technician and after their spa day, each of the girls got to do a little photo shoot.  

It's only been 18 months since we did this, and already so much has changed for these girls - it's a treat to look back at this snapshot in time and see how they each wanted to commemorate their spa day.

M decided she wanted to be a super hero.

That hair defied gravity, yo!

S went for a Madonna-inspired look.

The eyebrows, right?!  So perfect!

SJ decided she wanted to look dead.

I especially loved when the make-up artist put lipstick on her hands and grabbed SJ by the throat to give her the appearance of being asphyxiated.

D went for straight glamour.

I don't think D quite knows exactly how beautiful she is, inside and out.

C was a vegetarian and went for the anti-Gaga meat dress look in this fruit and vegetable outfit.

She became an omnivore shortly after this photo was taken.

And M just wanted a little boho chic.  She got taught how to apply foundation for a natural look.

She's so Instagram.

These girls won't always be this easy to amuse and these moments are (were!) fleeting.

This is my friendly reminder to let your kids be themselves, to encourage them to let their own freak flags fly, and to remember that in those moments when you're not sure if you're going to make it through, this too shall pass.

the blossoms were about to disappear...

I couldn't shoot just one baby in my new pram.  I needed a least two.  And since this gorgeous couple is getting married in August and I happen to be their photographer, I voluntold them that the blossoms were going to disappear and I needed them RIGHT NOW.

Sadly, one of the siblings is missing from these photos.

A family emergency prevented Big Brother W from participating, so we made do with the sisters.

Which really, was kind of perfect...  Sisters are so awesome.

We will make sure we do a stunning family photo (or 12) when W is available, but really, aside of a baby in the blossoms in the buggy, what I needed were some pics of the pending Mr & Mrs before their nuptials in August.  Mission accomplished!

Wedding season is upon us, and I for one could not be happier!!!

happy birthday, T!

So, a few weeks ago my husband was getting his wisdom teeth pulled and while he was unconscious, somehow this old pram fell into the car.  BAM.  Just like that.  Of course, the only logical thing to do was ask if there was anyone with a sitting baby who needed pictures...

Lo and behold, around this time last year I did some newborn photos for this family and they saw the pram and said, "What colours should we wear?"

"Well, the pram is dark blue and white-ish..."

So they shopped.

And seriously,

How incredibly good looking is this wee family?

I mean, the star of this session is clearly the pram.

The adorable baby and parents are just props.  Right?