here, puppy puppy puppy!!!

Say Hello to Arizona and Little Grey.  These pretty little girls are being fostered until they are ready to find a fur-ever home.

Like all dogs, they have very unique and distinct personalities.  Miss Arizona is definitely a cuddler - she likes to climb right up onto you lap and bury her muzzle in the crook of your arm.  

She's affectionate and gentle and will make someone a very loyal and kind companion. 

Little Grey is playful and energetic - a true character.  This tiny girl will have no problem growing into her big personality.

When she's not busy with her adorable puppy antics, Little Grey is as sweet as she is playful.

These girls aren't quite ready to get adopted yet, but if you're interested in finding a new furbaby, I encourage you to contact the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society and check out their other adoptable friends!  In the meantime, can I get a collective, "Aaaaaawwwwwwww!"