I'm not the gramma...

I am of that certain age where several of my friends are becoming grandparents. I am not this delicious baby's gramma, but pretty close.

This beautiful young lady has grown up alongside my eldest son - our families are so close they are practically cousins.

I've only recently met Poppa bear here, and he seems to have taken to this whole Dad thing like a fish to water.

Dad is usually the one that gets peed on, but this time around it was Mom, who has THEE BEST "I just got peed on!" face I've ever photographed.

Congratulations to this fledgling little family!

(And congratulations to Gramma who, because I am mean, I am going to point out is actually younger than me HAHAHA! Sorry not sorry Nan!)

this is gonna be great!!!

My general plan of attack when meeting new families is to win the kids over first, and then worry about the parents. This is usually what #success looks like:

On a blustery cold day we ventured out to catch some wintry engagement photos.

After we knocked out several family photos, the kids went of to throw snow at each other and make spit bubbles...

So I could sneak off with the bride-and-groom to be.

I suspect that if their wedding is anything like this session went down -

a combination of love, tenderness, weirdness, and goofiness -

this is gonna be great!

Congrats, A & L, and see you on August 18th!!!