I'll have a cheesy blue Christmas with or without you pictures

Hey, Edmonton!  Christmas minis are BORING!!!  We've already spent 364 days seeing you look cute and adorable.  It's time for something FUN!!!

Here are the Top Ten Reasons to get "I'll have a blue cheesy Christmas with or without you" holiday photos (inspired by the images above) done with Hope Walls Photography instead.

1.) Only saps and hoarders keep the boxed cards from ~insert department store here~ regardless of how much thought you put into picking them out
2.) People will have undeniable photographic proof that you are made of awesome
3.) You're supporting a good cause ($10 from each session goes to the Edmonton Humane Society)
4.) $100 is probably less than you will spend on booze and/or chocolate over the holidays
5.) You can eat mint girl guide cookies and candy canes while you wait
6.) A photocard of you and your family will make re-gifting feel less impersonal
7.) You have a legitimate excuse to purchase a set of matching onesies/scarves/slippers
8.) You won't have to shop for anything other than picture frames
9.) You'll have a photo worthy of printing on a tree ornament or snow globe
10.) For once, feeling awkward in front of the camera will work to your advantage

Pop in to My Edmonton Studio for a quickie on your way to do something better on Sunday, November 10th, 2013. (Of course, if you'd like a "nice" photo I will try for one of those instead.) $100 includes 5 or so digital files, 50 prints with envelopes, and a $10 donation to the Edmonton Humane Society. 

*Please contact me ahead of time for rules about bringing your pet(s) to your session! I've attached some amazing works by my peers and colleagues for you to feel inspired by. You're welcome. Book yourself in here:http://doodle.com/yma4q8kx55kgxkhk


So, you're actually going to get this set backwards.  Because this lovely bride was in a cast on the day of her wedding, I'm going to share the rock the dress session now, and later you will get to see the actual wedding photos...