freshly baked

I simply cannot bear to not share a few of these.

It began like this, back in December...

And led to this:

If this doesn't make your heart fill with love, I don't know what will. 

Have an AMAZING weekend, everyone...


Hopeypoop :)

a little something to look forward to...

I love me a grand adventure.  I love me some crazy.  I love me some cheesy fun.  And so, when this Craigslist Ad went viral, I responded.  "Hi, there.  I'm not really interested in a date and I'm not generally in the habit of checking out singles ads - my husband tends to frown on it - but I think I'd like to photograph the awkward whimsy of your dating adventure..."

By the time I heard back, the situation had been picked up by Breakfast TV, who ended up doing some early morning speed dating to help Mr. Petersen find the lucky girl he'd be spending a weekend holding hands with sans any threat, promise, or ideal of anything more than not being alone for Valentine's Day weekend.  If you feel so inclined, I invite you to review how their epic yoga-restaurant hopping-party-infused weekend went... you can find plenty of witty banter between Eric and his lovely date Asia in the Twitterverse, replete with grainy iPhone pictures of them on their phones, a queen in full pancake, and of course food...  For my part, I invited them over and made them wear stupid hats, make dancing feet, and huddle outdoors in a frigid windy ravine while fake-playing a pink guitar....

The results of our collaboration on capturing "awkward whimsy" will not be ready for several days yet, but rest assured, it'll be well worth the wait.  In the meantime, this teaser sums up how ridiculously cheesy our short time together was:

In a strange twist, today I hit upon Eric's tweet about an overzealous Cupid.  I wonder what that could mean?  Call me a hopeless romantic, but I hope it means what I want it to... stay tuned ;)

my 2nd favouritest day of the year!!!!

An entire day, dedicated to hearts?  Why, thanks - don't mind if I do!  If only we could dress up and go trick or treating... Someone should start a new holiday called Valentween...

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OK.  I know, I know - there are those of you who pooh pooh Valentine's Day, saying, what about the other 364 days of the year?  I myself am a curmudgeon mostly, and often feel the same about Christmas, Family Day, St. Patrick's Day... they are over-commercialized, it's an excuse for hallmark and candy companies to make money, etc. etc.  I'm as cynical as the next guy, I assure you.

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And yet, there is something about these silly occasions that come up that make them just plain FUN to celebrate.  Just like St. patrick's Day is a great excuse to go drink green beer and talk in a bad Irish accent, if you forget about the commercial side of Valentine's Day, it can actually be a lot of FUN.  Like, why not make heart-shaped grilled-cheesers for your kids?  Why not bake a pan of heart-shaped brownies?  Why not write a cheesy poem (or do a striptease) for your partner?  Why NOT just embrace the cheesiness of Valentine's Day, and not even have to spend a penny?!

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My challenge is for you to share some love today.  Send me your best roses are red poem, make up a haiku, share your favourite love song, post a recipe... get in the mood!!!  Here are some starters to inspire you:

Love Letters - think about sending a note to a stranger yourself!
Romantic Movies - do you think this list is complete?
This Song kills me every time, but if you could wear out a track on your iPod, This Song would be dead.  What's your favourite love song?

Then... watch right here for some exciting Valentine's Day inspired pictureLOVE, served up fresh by Yours Truly...  I love me some Valentine's Crazy!!!  

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!!!