togetherLOVE: doin' it up right at the zoo in!

While we were on our crazy cross-Canada trek this summer, I was able to meet up with a former Uni colleague, who brought along her best friend, their husbands, and their 2 sons apiece.  Bill & I and the girls went along with them to the Toronto Zoo on what had to be one of the hottest days of the year.  There was ice cream, breastfeeding gorillas, stinky indoor pavillions, a giraffe with a ridiculously long tongue, and 6 tired/happy/sad/angry/happy/tired kids.  It was a tonne of fun and so great to see O and her entourage.  Thanks for a fun day, everyone!  MUAH to you all!!!  (Especially my little Mrs B & C... i (heart) them :) lol)

tubeLOVE: Dream a Little Dream of Me

There are a lot of people who don't care for Zooey's voice, but personally I think her deadpan crooning is a perfect match for this song, an all-time favourite of mine. (Pssst... I never liked the Mama Cass version, widely accepted as the gold standard for this particular song. For whatever it's worth, my favourite is Doris Day.)

Have a happy Thursday and watch the blog tonight for 3 babies, 2 families, and 1 wedding!

iLove: beautiful bellies

You'll all have to bear with me while i play a bit of catch-up.  After our crazy holidays this summer, and after saying goodbye to my Dutch kids, I created a HUGE backlog of blogging for myself.  This doesn't negate the fact that I have had an awesomely busy and wonderful season, and I must apologize to my lovely peeps for having to be ever-so-patient with me...

Of course, there is no better way to kick it off than with a new beginning.  This beautiful couple just last week met their cherished arrival, but I was lucky we were able to meet on an oh-so-chilly day before the big event to capture these beautiful shots of their Great Expectation.

While it's reassuring knowing the gender of the baby about to arrive, there's something so sweet about people who choose to leave it a surprise.

Even in the day of technological advances like 4D imaging and realtime ultrasonic movies, not knowing if it's a boy or a girl makes it possible to bask in the mystery for just a wee bit longer.

And bask they did :)

Congratulations on the arrival of Z, and I'm so happy for you both.  May your sweet family continue to grow, in life, laughter, and love.

imnotsureiLOVE: Movember!!!

I am leaving for Mexico in a couple of hours to shoot what promises to be an amazing wedding, but on the home front, something important is on the horizon.

For anyone who didn't know it, I am an active supporter of raising funds for cancer research.  Generally, I dedicate my time to clickin' cancer's butt for the Canadian Cancer Society with the Relay for Life, carrying on in honour of my father, who died of heart disease but spent his living years shaving his head for my cousin John, who lost his foot to cancer decades ago.

My husband Bill has always been a supporter of this cause, whether pestering friends for donations, bringing us coffee at obscene hours of the morning during Edmonton's Relay, or just doing what he does best while I'm out and about: being Daddy to our wonderful kids.  This year, though, his soccer team has decided to sign up for Movember, an event during which men grow out the best moustachio they possibly can in support of prostate cancer research.  Generally speaking, I think he just wants an excuse to look like a 70s porn star.  But the great thing about it is, it's for a great cause, one that has become closer to my heart because my only living uncle was diagnosed earlier this year, as well as a very dear dear friend's Dad, Mr. H.  Prostate Cancer.

Something else you need to know is that both my sister and I work at universities.  While we don't work in the Faculty of Medicine, we do work with incredible teams of researchers whose sole vision is to find ways of making the world a better place.  And in any faculty, the work researchers do isn't possible without financial support.  When I come home, nothing would make me happier than seeing a good-sized coffer on Bill's sponsor page - the funding that pays for dedicated people to seek, innovate, discover, CURE.  Please, clink on Bill's Sponsor Page and donate.  $5, $20, $50, $1 million dollars - doesn't matter, because every dollar is one step closer to a cure.  Instead of clickin' cancer's butt, I ask you kindly, respectfully, to kick cancer where it really counts: right in the Movember.