Happy New Year!!!

No, I'm not wishing you an early New Year to avoid missing it if the world ends on December 21st...

Now is just the perfect time to start thinking about your New Year's Resolutions! 

After researching several sources ranging from personal blogs to polls by major newspapers and magazines, the following five lifestyle goals (in no particular order) were identified Every. Single. Time. 

1.) Get healthy.
2.) Get organized.
3.) Connect more.
4.) Learn something.
5.) Help others.

Millions of people make resolutions throughout the year that they break, sometimes weeks or months but often just days or even hours after making a decision to start incorporating lifestyle changes.  With nothing but the best of intentions, they manage to fall off the wagons they've climbed onto, procrastinating (one day at a time) by saying, "I'll start tomorrow..."

And yup, this is me.  So, I thought I'd go ahead and put a plan in place to tackle my own resolutions, and invite you to join me! With the help of some amazing people I am fortunate enough to have met in my travels, My Edmonton Studio has scheduled a whole thwack of wicked-cool workshops (and maybe even life-altering programs) that will help some of us make 2013 the year we stick to our resolutions! 

Consider this your official invitation to join me as I commence this journey.  You can check out the workshops and programs already scheduled by visiting the Facebook Events Page or you can add the MES calendar to your Google sync.  And, if you'd like to keep tabs on my progress, you can bookmark my new blog, Resolve, which will go live on December 21st, 2012, where I will share my goals, personal rants and musings, things I suck at along the way, and (hopefully) a lot of successes!

Registration is currently OPEN for all posted workshops with confirmed dates - please send an email to h [dot] walls [at] shaw [dot] ca for more information!