train tracks and buggies and parks, oh my!

This is my buddy S and his new baby brother. When I mentioned I wanted to put babies in my buggy again, Mom volunteered them in a nanosecond.

How stinking adorable are these two?!?!

Unfortunately for Mom, i have a kid crush on Mr. S, who is so precocious!

He let me stick him in a tree and played selfies with me...

... posed with Mom and his baby brother...

and was rewarded with a very chilly trip to the park where it would have been utterly pointless trying to convince him to stay dry.

Thanks, J, for coming out when I said I needed to get the pram out!

the science of love: a story about highschool sweethearts, part one

This first shot was the lighting test. It was quite literally the first photo I took, and it looks like this SOOC. I think I actually jumped and squealed when I saw this on the back of the camera and told them to go home - we are done.

(Obviously we kept going - like I was going to let mosquitoes chase me from this light!!!!)

These two lovebirds met in high school science class. Rumour has it that R's mom made him introduce A's mom to her before the two were allowed to date.

8 years, some university, a Zumba certification, and a pending move across the country later, these two are still going strong, and they plan to get wed in just a couple of weeks.

Aren't these two just so lovely?

~le sigh~

This is the second daughter from this family whose wedding I have had the privilege of photographing, and I have no doubt that it's going to feel a bit like a family reunion.

Stay tuned for Part Two!

bathed in sunshine

There are literally days - a handful of days - when the blossoms are in full bloom and are still stuck on the trees. Given the inconsistent weather in Edmonton, it is therefore rare when there is sunshine and blossoms without rain and wind ruining things... and on this rare morning full of sunshine and blossoms, out came smiles brighter than the sun and prettier than the flowers...

Such a fun way to spend a morning! Happy Mother's Day to all!