A celebration for Playdoh and Penny

Say hello to Playdoh (on the left) and Penny, wiener dogs extraordinaire. They will sit in suitcases. For cheese.

Playdoh and Penny have been members of this family since before there were children.

Pets are often our first "children." They teach us about responsibility, trust, unconditional love, and (sadly) dying. 

And when that time comes, you might have to book a photo shoot during which you give your mammal companion special treats. If your name is Playdoh, that means you unhinge you jaw for maximum goody consumption...

It wasn't long after this photoshoot that sweet Playdoh said farewell and left this sweet family with the kind of grief that reminds us that love is both painful, and limitless.

I suspect that Playdoh is somewhere over the rainbow bridge waiting for this Mama to come. With cheese.



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