the bestest HMUA ever!!!

I had a hair and make-up team I worked with for about 6 years.  One of them moved away and the other cut back work to be Momma which are BOTH admirable things but WHAT ABOUT ME????  Well, fortunately me for, I met a lady at my kids' school about a year before being abandoned by my people. ~sniff sniff~

Her oldest son went to the same French bilingual school as my daughters.  We were helping the school kids avoid stepping in horse poop while loading them onto a wagon during the school's bi-annual Cabane a Sucre event.  

We chatted, discovered mutual interests, and after I bought some pilfered tortiere (from a lady who makes the pies in Plamondon whose son was driving the band in a reefer - short for refrigerated - truck bound for the farmer's market was parked out back) we exchanged Facebook contact info and called it a day.

Until my peeps moved on to motherhood and new provinces and I said, "Hey!  I support local!" and I took a chance on the AMAZING Kali...

Who it turns out is not only beautiful but funny, intelligent, kind, extraordinarily talented, and... SUPER cool!  She was in fact the only person I brought in to paint my sister's wedding party in 2015...  

Thank you Kali for being my go-to girl.  I adore you, and your Mom, and your kids...  Need a hair and make-up girl?  Click here.  She is the bomb.  And a decent human being.  REALLY decent.  <3



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