Hello, everyone! As November draws to a close and I sign off as Photographer for 2009, get ready for Christmas, and plan for the DLS workshops, I thought besides getting everyone's albums and discs delivered I ought to get the website up to date.

The 2010 shooting, workshop, and retreat schedule has been added to the calendar at the site. To check available dates, see what workshops are coming, and find out what other fun things are on the horizon for 2010, visit the website and check out the calendar from the links on the left!!!

(p.s. There are even MORE fun things coming - watch for the new monthly schedule in the next couple of weeks!)


PixelPie said…
:( Your calendar is showing empty as of 2010. No dates have any squares around them. Last one highlighted is Christmas Day.
Hope Walls said…
What?!?!?!? I spent like an HOUR doing it last night. AND - I totally edited my wedding packages page too and discovered it had reverted as well. ARHG!!!! Methinks I need to send in a complaint now. Bah. Humbug.
PixelPie said…
Yep, still not working. That sucks.


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