she calls me Hoke

I've known this sweet little lady's Mom, E, for about 17 years. She wasn't much bigger than this when I met her.

This past summer, my daughter and I made a trek to Colorado to see E, meet her partner K, and finally get to play with Miss S and her brand new baby sister, V. I have mountains of photos of our adventure while we were there to share, but first I want to share these, because they are so very precious!


After a BBQ at K's parents' place, we snuck off to the park for some quick snaps before E's big brother M had to go back to his Mom's place. I think M's face sums up how pretty much every eldest sibling feels at some point...

Check out those ponytails, hey?

The day ended with sink baths for the girls. I can barely remember when my own babies were small enough to do that - I was in baby and toddler heaven...

I think no one has ever loved a mispronunciation of their name quite so much as I love that Miss S calls me her Hoke. And I love our Facetime chats, which look EXACTLY like this:



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