those who play together stay together

This is N. He proposed to J on a rink this time last year, and they're getting married this summer, so we were lucky we were able to sneak in a skating session before the snow all started to melt.

We started off in the bulbous snowy remnants of the various winter festivities held in Hawrelak Park.

If I had to pick one word for their relationship it would be "playful."

These two had each other (and me!) laughing and smiling the whole time we were together.

Skating holds a special place in these guys' life. J asked N to teach her how to skate, and they both too it very seriously, right down to this epic glittery golden skull bucket that J wore until she got stable enough to go without.

J is (obviously) fine without a helmet now...

J can do a hockey-style stop, go backwards, and manage an awkward dance step or two. But she has her limits, including not being too keen on crack-the-whip and two-man spins.

This ridiculous game of peek-a-boo was actually a failed attempt at a two-man spin.

(I bet you're smiling right now.... I know I am!)

For posterity's sake, J decided to pull on her jersey and helmet for a couple of laps around the pond.

I can tell already that their wedding is going to be filled with laughter and joy, much like what they give to and bring out in one another.

See you in the summer!



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