the family ranch

Welcome to the S Bar Ranch.

It's hard to even know where to begin explaining this family and how much they mean to not just me but my husband and our kids. What began as an internet friendship between myself and this lady in a Mom's group has led to 10+ years of shared memories. We shall call her N.

This pipsqueak (N's daughter) was a snotty drooling preschooler back then.

And although N was the first point of contact with this family, it was actually on a trip to the Dominican Republic with the couple below (we shall call them D & E) that the family adopted my husband and I. (This is the wedding that led to last month's proposal, by the way...)

Anyhow. N's daughter is now the eldest of 5 cousins.

In addition to the wedding pictures, I have taken maternity and newborn photos for each of these children:

Next we have N's brother T and his wife J, who also happened to be in the Dominican with us. They let us store our bus in their driveway while we were getting our yard ready, and they have since moved to California so getting a chance to catch up with these two was really really nice! I feel like J needs to knit me things, though. She's really good at it (note the gorgeous scarf!) but I digress.

And of course we have the 'rents, M & R, who have got to be two of the funniest, strongest, kindest, most hardworking and loving human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

The Fab Five:

Once we finished the "official" portrait session, I stood in one spot while this hilarious crew ran themselves through a series of ridiculous photobooth-type poses.

Now that the kids are all growed up and gone, M & R have dogs to spoil when the grandchildren aren't handy.

Which of course led to these pictures, inspired by Vieler Photography's hilarious portrait series of dogs catching treats.

This was the first sign that it was time to put the camera down as it was time to celebrate N's birthday. There was drinking, laughter, pizza, piecaken, and hangovers all around...

Thank you for adopting us, N. We love you guys!!!



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