magic number 10

Meet N. He is about to propose to T, a girl he has shipped off on a scavenger hunt which involves getting her nails done and revisiting all their favourite date spots.  N invited me down to Calgary to capture this special moment and I was ecstatic to be asked!

N and T met in the Dominican while they were both there for other people's weddings. (My husband and I were there shooting one of the weddings, which is how I know the fiancee-to-be...)

After T hits the last stop on the scavenger hunt, N knows its was go-time. He puts on some pants...

finishes laying out the petals...

and lighting the candles....

Then taking many many deep breaths as T arrives. (You can see by her face that she was not expecting to see me there!)

To say that T was surprised would be a complete understatement

I was crying almost as much as T was!

Now, it's true he initially put the ring on the wrong finger, but at least he put a ring on a finger!!!

Congratulations to you, N and T - I can hardly wait for the wedding, which may well be another 10 years from now but I'll be ready when you are haha!

An extra special thank you to my friend Milana who accompanied me to Calgary to assist with this shoot!



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