one of my kids finally got married!

OK, so he's not *actually* my kid - he's a Dutch exchange student who came to Canada 8 or so years ago with one of his classmates and we adopted them. I was fortunate enough to be included on the invitation list for their nuptials in the Netherlands, and even more fortunate that I was able to find the means to go. I have TONNES more pics from the Netherlands, but I really want to share these photos, because they mean so very much to me.

F & R, first and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS! I have to admit, it was killing me not being up there with a camera, but I loved every minute of the ceremony, even the parts I couldn't understand because my entire Dutch vocabulary (thanks to you) consists of telling people I don't eat pork and saying I am going to throw hot coffee at them. (The bride and her Mom sewed her dress - it was soooo beautiful!!!)

According to my sources, Netherbitlandian weddings usually take place on Fridays. While I've heard a few explanations for what the logic is behind it, the most popular answer was so that you got a long weekend to recover from the drinking. This particular wedding took place in Zeeland at the coolest campsite I've ever been in - it was a miniature train station surrounded by a freakin' hedge labyrinth! It's called Recreatieboerderij Van Langeraad and I was I love the second I saw potted daisies and a smoker full of fish...

I was a bit nervous I'd feel like the odd man out, being the third wheel to my other Dutch kid and his girlfriend and having only met a handful of others before the wedding, but I was so openly and warmly welcomed by not only the 007 crew (who had heard all about me!) but by the groom's parents, who called me the "Canadian Mom." Of course, while i wasn't on official duty, the camera came out and I got a few gooders...

I have to give a huge shout-out to T who kept me company and to R for expanding my foreign swear word collection. I count myself very lucky to include these folks in my amazing circle of acquaintances. Look at all these ridiculously tall beautiful people! I have seriously never felt so short in my life as I did at this wedding...

The bride and groom returned in the morning to share breakfast and say farewell to all the campers. Of course they were travelling to and from their bridal suite on a bike. OF COURSE!

I love these two so so much and look forward to watching where the road leads them next (besides Cape Verde where a delayed plane was an excuse to run down the side of an ashy volcano... geologists...!) Thank you SO much for inviting me, and I look forward to visiting the newlyweds in London where I have been told to refuse an invitation to go for a pint with the bride, whose motto is "eating is cheating."



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