chasing light

This adorable pair rescheduled from a few weeks ago because the sunset shoot we had planned was under threat of serious cloud cover. While it pushed us back a full 2 weeks, I don't think any of us have regrets.

It was a warm but mosquito-infested night, and while these two look calm and gorgeous, there were  lot of outtakes. While slapping. At mosquitoes.

These two are adorable, by the way. The best part about taking their pictures was that I would put them in a spot and instead of directing them a lot, I'd just leave them to their own devices. They would start talking to each other, and the smiles just came, the way they tend to when couples share a deep affection and familiarity with one another.

I'm super excited about the location for this wedding - it's in a town close to the village my Dad grew up in and where my Gramma and Grampa lived while I was a kid. Just the thought of making the drive we made so many times when I was a child fills me with nostalgia and I can hardly wait to drink in the landscape, put some fresh flowers down and get some Chinese food at my favourite small-town dive.

I mentioned mosquitoes, right? Part of dealing with mosquitoes is editing them out in post. They look like pollen fluffs until you zoom in and the fluffy thingies have wings.  #summerinalberta

Thanks for coming out and braving the local wildlife, trespassing on daisy-covered lawns, and chasing the sunset. Looking SO forward to the wedding, and I promise to hold off visiting my Gramma and Grampa and Daddy until after the wedding so I'm not all weepy and sentimental.



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