it's not every day...

Once in a blue moon, I am contacted by virtual strangers, in both literal and figurative terms.  And of course it is always fortuitous when one of these random encounters becomes not only fun but transformative for both the subject and the photographer.  The following photos chronicle one of those chance encounters where awkward escalated to awesome in record time.

Using the term "balls to the wall" seems vulgar when describing this beautiful woman, but there really isn't any other more accurate way of describing the dedication and intensity she brought to the table.

After sending me a laundry list of inspirational photos, the incomparable Miss A dug in and held on like nobody's business.

She performed like a professional model with 10+ years of experience...

Despite our valiant efforts, not all of the images Miss A wished to create could be done outdoors, and so a second date was secured during which we would attempt to capture the glamour she desired.

A month after our initial encounter, Miss A arrived at the studio I had rented and we began in earnest reinterpreting some of the stunning inspirational photos she wished to experience.  Of course things are always easier the second time around and it was more like playtime than working time...

Seeking a range of photos from dramatic to demure, I think Miss A nailed it.

Miss A, you are beautiful, inside and out, and I enjoyed our time together as much as I would enjoy coffee with an old friend.  Congratulations on your pending convocation and nothing but wishes for all the best in your future endeavours.



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