I got to spend my Mother's Day with part of my really super-extended family, having this ridiculous all out full day crazy as photo shoot involving children, white tigers, vintage Hollywood glamour-styled grad photos, and a follow up mega-marathon dance session with this lovely bunch of coconuts.  I can't even blog all the sessions in one sitting, so I'll take it in 3 parts and start slow with some updated pictures of Eve and her posse.

Eve is ridiculously adorable.

Eve feels at her best when she has some or all parts of her hands in her mouth.

I get the sense she would just as happily put her toes in her mouth if she could just make them stay still long enough to grab.

All this delicious pudge is almost more than I can handle.

Fun with optical illusions...

And then it was Kane's turn to join in the nudie shots.

He adores his sister.  And has such a great sense of humour.  And is so sweet and gentle.  Don't change ever, Kane.

Selfies, Hope style...  I have some super special pictures of Kane coming up when I post the dance photos in a couple of weeks but for now, these will have to do.

For me, no session is ever complete, really, until the suitcases come out.

Since it was Mother's Day, we did manage to snap a few Mommy and Me pictures...

But really, the best part of this whole session was when Mom decided we should play "remove the suitcases" like we played "remove the chair" which was inspired by the now-infamous "remove that cart" meme...

So, have at it, ladies and gentlemen!  Below is a medium-resolution .jpg file all ready for you to play with.  If you'd like the .psd, .eps, or .png file with the transparent background, send me a quick email via the contact form (click on the "contact" tab at the top of this page!) and I'll get it to you :D  Have fun!!!



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