duellllling belllllies

Mommies-to-be are so stinkin' beautiful.

I think what I love so much about maternity pictures is how magic Moms look.  They know exactly how magic it is having a growing baby in your belly is and it shows on their faces.

Miss B, who in these pics is 36+ weeks, has perhaps one of the teeniest tiniest most incredibly compact bellies I have ever seen - I don't know where she is hiding that baby!  We figured Dad could compete.  We were right.

Sidebar: While we were shooting this session, I happened to be babysitting a friend's puppy, a 4 and a half month old Boston Terrier named Lucy.  How can you tell she is a photographer's dog?  #photobomb

Do these two not make a gorgeous couple?

Miss B, you look amazing as always...

Dad was feeling a little jealous again that he wasn't getting equal camera time.  Hand a man a fake baby and the first thing he thinks to do is pretend that it fake farted.  ~sigh~

I'm SO excited to meet Little Miss Peaches in just a few more days!!!  May you have a safe and healthy delivery (and a real baby for Dad to cuddle with.)



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