So babies?  They're pretty neat.  

There's a reason I enjoy doing newborn sessions and it has very little to do with the fact you get pretty pictures and very much to do with the fact I like what babies do to people.  Babies fascinate me.  A little tiny human being turned this Dad, who was most recently seen on the blog anticipating a stinky baby, into the baby whisperer...

and transformed Mom into a nursery decorator...

...and source of nutrition.

Babies are also ridiculously tiny.  I think I kind of freak some of my new clients out when I'm all trying to sneak in a sniff of the baby's neck or can't help but pinch their little teeny tiny toes.  (Seriously, look at a newborn's toenails or their hairy little backs and ears tell me that's not the most fascinating thing you've ever seen?)

Most parents create a (very) temporary "chaos is totally OK" bubble to practice in before routine sets in, and that's my favourite time to visit.  Maybe it's because everything is so raw and on the surface the energy is just electric.  I dunno how exactly to describe it, but I think know how to shoot it.

So *technically* I realize my job at a newborn session is to do stuff like this:

And *technically* I always try and get a family picture or two in...

(even if only part of the family is willing and able to cooperate)

But *technically* what keeps me doing newborn sessions more than anything else is the renewed fascination families have with each other and with their new baby in that first handful of confusing, scary, amazing, emotional, wonderfully exhausting days.  Your hormones are going nuts, you're baby's personality is just coming out, you have to work out things like feeding and diapering and bathing, and the learning curve is almost vertical whether you're adjusting to Baby No. 1 or Baby No. 5

Whatever the case may be, everyone adjusts and chaos eventually becomes routine... 

Some just adjust faster than others.



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