synchronized silliness

We got off to a bit of a rough start.  Often, despite how great the finished product is, this is how it goes. 2 year olds?  They mostly hate photographers.  Especially when we interrupt naps.

Fortunately, his sisters were more than happy to amuse me...

And when T finally woke up, all was right with the world.  He could even tolerate some lady sticking a camera in his face and pretending to chew his knees for a few minutes.

Sibling bonds are like no other bond in the world.  Without even trying, a lifetime of insider jokes and deep love develop.  Whether that's in spite of or because of the intense in-fighting that occurs while growing up, who knows...

For all the rough-housing, accidents, cruelties, and practical jokes, there are 10x as many moments when everyone is sharing love and laughter in synchronicity.  These guys giggling and running into the field to play 'spaghetti legs' (twirling up long grass with your feet) and then ring-around-the-rosie...

... TOTALLY reminded me of this video:

(You're smiling now, admit it lol)


Of course, the point of showing up was to get this:

And this:

Which in this business are known as the "money shots."  If I may: Nailed It!

Then we were off to have some fun with leaves and do the Hope Walls version of tethered selfies.  (awww, aren't they cute?)

And finally, I forced Mom & Dad to get a picture together.

Which the kids thought was pretty gross.



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