it takes all kinds

Meet R&D.  You don't need to know a lot about R&D except they are a) beautiful and b) in love.  I have a girl-crush on R.  She's adorable, no?  (I made her model for me a few weeks ago...)

They are parents to two kiddos, S & R.  S & R did a pretty good job of pretending to like each other at least for the camera.

R is in grade 4 and full of pre-teen angst.  His mom is pretty sure he is going to be famous one day, if nothing else for being handsome.  (She might be on to something...  don't tell R though - he'll probably just roll his eyes at you.)

R & S are pretty typical siblings.  Namely, they fantasize (and sometimes act out) killing each other.  How handy is Halloween for making fake blood-covered machetes readily available for this sort of cosplay, right? 

Mom didn't want to be left out of the machete-wiedling fun. In fact, what makes this machete-wielding Mama so special is that she is the kind of person who refuses to leave anyone out.  No one gets left out.  Ever.  

This amazing woman has the odious task of taking care of a little piece of my heart every day of the week.  She is my baby sister's caregiver.  And she loves my baby sister enough to take after her with a machete.  THAT takes a special kind of person.

D tries to act all cool and tough but really, he's a softie who loves his children and grandchildren like oxygen itself.

(You read that right - grandbabies... well, one for now anyways.  You met Miss M. Sunrise a few weeks ago already....)

Obviously that makes Machete Mama... a GILF.  ;)

This is R's immediate family.  I was going to offer to share a picture of her with her entire extended family - all those people who she accepts into her life and heart with open arms and an open mind - but I'd need a much wider angle lens to accommodate all the people whose lives are blessed to know R.

Thank you for taking on my crazy family, thank you for helping make my burdens bearable, thank you for being there for those who need you, and thank you for being you, Mama R.  It is my honour and my pleasure to know you all.  Please don't attack me with a machete.  lol



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