Who the heck is Betty Boop?

I very seldom do glamour, boudoir, or pin-up, but I got all that and then some last month when this gorgeous Lil Momma came into my Studio for a beauty session.  

She's got unreal curves - seriously, she's built like a cartoon bombshell (Betty Boop and Jessica Rabbit have got nothing on this girl!)


She shared what a mutual friend once said about her smouldering, sparkling blue eyes and while it was spot-on, I will G-rate it and call the look, "come hither."

Not the least bit camera shy, Miss M was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Whether you stay a buxom blond or not, in my books you'll be just as gorgeous in any other shade or hue.

Thank you Miss M for being beautiful, fun, confident, witty, sassy, sultry, and made entirely of awesome.



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