it was orange, and red, and then green, and then more green with maybe some blue

I'm not actually going to say a lot other than, outtakes are awesome, come back often.  Seriously? You can't PAY people to look as authentically "familial" and "in love" and "genuinely whimsical" as these guys.  I said, hey, abandoned parking lot, empty school - think obnoxiously bright painted bricks, pavement, giant red balls, concrete... and Mom and Dad were like, sure, OK - we trust you!  I'm not sure if they are the smart ones or if I ought to take some credit here for having good instincts. Either way, hello?  This was AWESOME.  Yay!!!

I really cannot find words to express enough gratitude for people who entrust me to do my job.  It is both validating and overwhelming, which kind of sums it all up for me nicely.  Yay photography!!!!



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