sometimes all you need is a quickie...

Last year I ran a day of minis and they were a HUGE success.  This year I had no plans to do it again but after about a bazillion people asking if I was doing it again, FINE.  I give.  I'm handing out quickies for $100 a pop.  Please don't tell my Mom.  O.o

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Not sure yet? Read on to find out details (and discounts.)

$100+GST, and you have me and my trusty camera at your disposal for 30 minutes (don't be late or you'll have less time!) in my lovely south Edmonton studio.  You and your kids or your spouse or your BFF or all of you or just you by yourself (or even you and that not completely creepy guy you met at the office party) can have a dance party while you wait in the disco room, so you have no excuse to be late.  I will provide about 10-15 images from your session, fully edited, suitable for printing up to 11x14 plus a set of watermarked ones you can share online.  (Full sessions with ~40 hi-res files are normally $350 for about an hour, so this is a pretty good deal!)

Loyalty pays!!!  If you bring your USB from a previous session to be reloaded, it's good for a 10% discount on your session!  If you haven't had a session with me since I moved to USB keys, then you're in for a treat.  Because my USB keys?  They're pretty much made of awesome.


There will be three sets with three completely different looks.

The Classic set will feature a neutral backdrop with a selection of simple furniture for a clean, elegant, understated look.  Suitable for glamourous or professional/commercial head shots and excellent for updated un-school portraits, I suggest that you come dressed in your best whether that's a power suit, an evening gown and tuxedo, or fancy jeans and wicked boots!

The Whimsical set will be playful and bright. Think vibrant colours, wonderful textures, rich patterns, and fun props.  Perfect for children (and for adults who refuse to grow up.)  Come dressed in plain white or white with denim, with hair do's that can become hair don'ts!

Holy Cow! is a compact 48" clawfoot slipper tub on a cowhide.  And a bubble machine.  (No, seriously.  I mean that.  It's going to be brilliant.)  Come ready to be undressed ;)  (or pretend to be) from the waist up and the knees down!  I suggest a tube or tank top for girls and ladies, and a muscle or t-shirt (not button-down) for boys and men.

Pictures of the sets will be posted a day or two in advance so you can choose your clothing.  You are welcome to attempt a "costume change" mid-session if you like BUT please remember that the total number of pictures we are able to capture will depend on how much time I am able to keep shooting.  Free tip: If you would like to try multiple looks I suggest layering!

The fine print: 
Payment in full is required to hold your spot and missed appointments are non-refundable.  Preferred payment is eTFR, or we can accept cheque or cash.  Credit card payments will not be accepted for these sessions.  If you are hoping for a  boring session, I'm probably going to work twice as hard to break you out of your comfort zone and force you to have FUN!

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