Welcome to 2013!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Oh, such a crazy year was 2012.  And 2013 is shaping up to be JUST as crazy BUT even more amazing.  If you're paying any attention over at www.rizolv.ca, you'll note that Tuesday night is blog night, which means that each Wednesday morning you should wake up to some fresh new content not just over there, but right here, for your viewing and reading pleasure.  I'm excited for next week's post, as I have some catching up to do including a couple of weddings, some babies, and a belly or two...  Whoo hoo!

In the meantime: check out the new digs!

www.MyEdmontonStudio.ca is the new home to Dirty Little Secrets (about photography) and pictureLOVE, as well as the place where all kinds of awesome learning and connecting will be taking place, starting with a fitness challenge, knitting lessons, and even financial management and bookkeeping for shutterbugs.  Check it out, sign up, come visit me!!!



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