Week 10 , 2011 exercise: The Great Outdoors!

FINALLY! I can send you outside, with the weather wanting to cooperate and all....

We're about to start gearing up for more and more creative exercises, ones that challenge you to apply the skills you've acquired while thinking BEYOND the technical aspects.  You have the Law of Reciprocity down, you know the different between symmetry and balance when referring to a picture, it's time to roll into the next phase and get ready for portraiture, starting with yourself as a guinea pig!

You have 3 self portraits to create this week:

1.) A self portrait done with reflection.

2.) A self portrait done with shadow.

3.) A self portrait that does not contain a single part of your body.  (Hint: if your friends went travelling and stumbled across something that would immediately remind them of YOU, what would it be?)

Get outside, inhale, breathe, ENJOY the rising temps!  My pics are coming tomorrow!!!!



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