week 14 & 15 DLS exercises: time to play with dollies!

So, this weeks' exercise is THEE funnest one EVER!!!  I'm sure these pictures will bring back fond memories for many of the previous DLS grads :)

This exercise is simple.

Your client is a family, and you need to get a set of pictures that includes but isn't limited to:

a) just Mom & Dad
b) the kids together
c) each kid individually
d) the entire family

The images should include some formal, some casual, and some candid shots.  Pay attention to composition, weird background inclusions, patterns and all that other stuff we've chatted about.  Oh, yeah - and did I mention your family MUST NOT be alive?  Here is an example:

Past workshoppers have used Barbies (like me), Little People, Playmobil people, dollar store plastic people, Potato Head families, and one person actually just used real potatoes and I'm secretly hoping someone out there uses toy soldiers, is into taxidermy, has apple head dolls laying around, or makes some marshmallow people for this year...

Get creative, be playful, and HAVE FUN!  Aim for between 20 or 25 pictures in your set.  Do this only AFTER you've sorted through your pictures from the workshop and uploaded them, though ;)


cathy said…
Ahhh I have missed those awesome images!!


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