Week 12 DLS exercises: location, location, location!

First we learned some technical skills.  Then we transitioned into some creative skills.  Weeks 12 and 13 are going to prepare you for the Portraiture Workshop on April 11th.  Week 12 marks the last week we're going to be focussing on honing your critical/creative eye before moving towards the 3rd skill set we'll be looking at: people.  Our models are all lined up and ready for you.  We need to make sure you're ready for them!  

Last week you went looking for details within a location, clues that could intimate a deeper and more personal message about the person or persons being photographed.  We're going to pan out from the macro to the wide angle this week to consider instead of the details, the big picture.  Specifically, you're going to start looking at locations with the idea of how a person would look there.  I want you to go scouting for 2 or 3 locations - at least one in your home, one anywhere outdoors, where you could see yourself placing a person to take a picture.

Maybe the lighting is beautiful by that one window, maybe the scenery is gorgeous out your back door, maybe there's a funky frame going on at the corner church, maybe there's a great tree begging for someone to sit in it.  I want you to take 2 or 3 pictures at each location, composing the image in your head as you would with a person in it.  Pay special attention to your composition and lighting.  If you need to use a model, you can.  You may even want to make a game of doing before and after pictures!

I'll post the 'after' pictures with people in them in a few days...



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