newLOVE: the baby made me work

This is one of those families that I habitually have an impossible time picking *just a few images* from the session. Frankly, I could hang out all day being entertained by the boys, chatting with Mom & Dad, and admiring their gorgeous puppy Molson, who sits ever so patiently waiting outside while I get my work done.

It's been almost 3 years since I started taking pictures for this photogenic bunch, but Little Mr. C. who was on like a million watt bulb for his 3 month session decided he was going to make me work for it this time. He had an impeccable sense of timing - the millisecond I got my shutter halfway compressed, he'd drop the smile he'd been wearing and gaze at me with his big blue eyes like he was all business. Stinker. Big Brother L. on the other hand was as hammy as ever, showing off his big brown eyes, his infectious smile AND his mad potty skills - way to go, little man!

Thank you for letting me stop by and hang out, Mom. You have some yummy boys there and I look forward to seeing you again in summer for OUTDOOR PICTURES... YAY!!!!



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