iLOVE: there are many paths to Kraft Dinner

Today I wanted to share with you a picture story featuring Kraft Dinner.  And my husband.

My husband makes a cheese sauce when he's whipping up KD.  He sets the noodles aside and takes great pains to melt the butter & milk together.

He then adds the powdered cheese and beats the snot out of it so he doesn't get lumps like when you put hot chocolate powder into hot water or hot milk.

(I just took this picture of his sweater because I thought the dangly strings and texture would look wicked in B&W - am I right, or am I right?  The smirk on his face is him mocking me taking pictures of him.  Bah.)

Once there is a nice smooth sauce, he finally adds the noodles and stirs it all together over a low heat.  No, he has not added any special ingredients or used a special tool unless you count my favourite wooden spoon as a special tool.  (I do, but it's my favourite spoon - not relevant here today though...)

While his method looks very impressive and painstaking....

...I swear, my KD that gets drained and put back in the pot still steaming hot, gets a little milk and butter slopped in it, the powdered cheese unceremoniously dumped on top, then the whole shebang stirred up with that same wooden spoon looks and tastes exactly the same.  Must be that magic spoon of mine.  ;)

How do YOU do KD?


Helena said…
LOVE IT!! Way to go for being unique! Looks tasty. Can I borrow that magic wooden spoon? =)
Helena said…
Oh yeah, wicked BW picture. Look at those textures of the whiskers, the lines and everything else. I love that you made him smirk because without it he wouldn't look so proud of his masterpiece. LOL
fmartell2 said…
And I always thought you were the geeky one in the relationship... I think Bill and you are now tied!
Hope Walls said…
We are very well suited. I'll share more Bill geekisms later lol...


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