iLOVE: selfish springtime strolls on sunny Sundays

One of my tasks for today was to GET OUT FOR A WALK. Between work, studying, teaching, and everything else, it felt like I hadn't had much of an opportunity to take some time to enjoy the warmth and sunshine myself. Today I fixed that. Bill & I packed a picnic and took the girls and the dog for a little wander around Millcreek Ravine. As always, the story is in the comments in the album. Enjoy!


Looks like you had a marvellous Sunday, Hope! Much more exciting than our adventure to the sticky, stinky, yucky bottle depot! Ew!

But...on a good note....we're $40 richer ;)
I totally giggled my way through that, and really busted a loud *guffaw* at the bird..thank you for taking me along on your journey!
fmartell2 said…
I had to laugh at Bill's sandwich. Gabe's always has a bite taken out of it before it goes in his lunch kit.
Lynda said…
You are so zany!! Loved the last pic of Art the best!
Hope Walls said…
You're only saying that because I took a picture of a dead bird. Then made a lame joke about it.
I am totally coming for a walk with you someday. You know I have a card full of puddle fun with the girls and no time to edit and throw em up.Now I am inspired to get on it already !!!


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