spreadLOVE: I believe...

I'm not really a HUGE sports fan, but there's something about Olympic fever... it's catchy...

If you don't know Joannie Rochette's story, you should read about it. To sum up, her Mom died at the age of just 55 of a sudden heart attack this past Sunday while shopping in Vancouver just a few days before her daughter's Olympic moment. Despite what I can only imagine was overwhelming grief, Joannie won a bronze medal for Canada - our first in women's skating since 1988 - and like my friend P. so aptly put it, that Bronze sure feels like gold.

I believe that dreams come true. I believe in the human spirit. I believe in our ability to detect and prevent disease. If you haven't donated this month to the Heart & Stroke Foundation (or your own charity, for that matter) I urge you to do so now, in honour of Joannie, in honour of her Mom, in honour of Canada, in honour of LOVE.

If you haven't heard the Olympic song yet, I believe that you should. And I believe that it has a whole other meaning after tonight, not just for Joannie, but for me. Maybe it will for you, too. I believe I officially LOVE this song.



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