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meanwhile over at a la mode

my perspective of M and N's wedding...

Week 3 task - Tanya

the many faces of Mariah


what are the basics?

pick yourself up

The Shadows - Apache

pony up, folks!

Week 3 Tasks

what brand of camera is best?

have to brag a bit here...

let me also draw your attention to...

let me draw your attention to...

reason #983 why I love Bill

announcements, announcements!

under what rock?

never swallow bubble gum

about the lens on the Olympus

about the flash on that Rebel XT/XTi

update on the all-night bus idea


Exercise 2 - still life

debrief - first exercises

Parade of Dresses

portrait settings

what's in the bag, lady?

look who's back!!!

Task 2 sample

Task 1 sample


ponypalooza and faeriejane for Eve and Auntie Danna

hey good lookin'

pictures from the workshop

get a tissue handy

how come...

human again

so sweet it'll make your teeth hurt

for Serejane

can of worms: bus service, 24.7

DLS Exercise 1 - DOF, MF

cropped or chopped?

now I lay me down to sleep

I don't do beef

for Bill

Getting to know your camera/SLR

last minute registrations!?!?

can of worms: pants

character sketch: "I'm heading in to the office..."

givin' me guff...

Monty Python: Spam

my bad!

Spotlight - Amber Lee


Howard Jones - No one is to blame

lurve it!

pull my finger...

yes, I do like it soft...

a crush

bugs bugs bugs!!!

I need to buy a flash, but which one?

it's official!!!


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