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Cajun recipes

no more yahoo?

rockin' the iPod

update for the week

can of worms: pirates vs. ninja as babysitters

splashes of colour

hot 'nuff for ya?

a little Steve Martin for Babzy


how much?

fish bowl


so so very tired

a little colour for ya?

bye, Ed.

Bush cogitates


inflammatory breast cancer

can of worms: stranger pictures

lucid dreams

sabbatical week 2: colour

success on the follow shot, and the transition to week 2

a musing: piano scales

typical Hope processing

favourites so far

come out come out wherever you are!

happy 4th of July

sabbatical week 1: light, motion, and texture

the best spoof of Paris's commercial

for babzy

an exercise in determining perspective: fat chicks and light yogourt

the formals are coming, the formals are coming!!!


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