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Two So in Love

This adorable couple is getting married. At sunset. In September. Overlooking the river valley. ~swoon~ Hit play and scroll down to see their engagement session!!! They got engaged at the Jubilee Auditorium, so they called and asked if we could do their engagement photos there. As much as we had realllly hoped for a photo of them sitting in the empty theatre, when we arrived we were told that we could only use the lobby due to work being done on the orchestra pit. Fortunately, they got engaged on the 2nd floor in the lobby. This was almost the exact spot he popped the question. My favourite thing about this couple is how much they tease one another - there was no shortage of "Kodak" moments. There is so. much. natural light. So much! I was in heaven!!! And the stairs.... This was my favourite spot <3 We headed outside for a bit... The covered walkway at the back of the Jubilee is pretty amazing, too. These two. Did I men

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