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newLOVE: my camera loves Cameron A LOT

myLOVE: photography

cameraLOVE: the newest Pentax

Exercises for the week of February 23rd, 2009

newLOVE: becomes babyLOVE

bellyLOVE: at last!

newLOVE: my camera loves Cameron

babyLOVE: turning two

festiveLOVE: mardi gras!


youLOVE: N, A, and S

myLOVE: Kaelan

Bill & Hope's Dominican Adventure January 2009: the sad departure

can of worms: bloodsuckers

would you mind?

freeLOVE: rock the dress May 3, 2009

freeLOVE: wedding portraits May 3, 2009

freeLOVE: family portraits April 5, 2009

Exercises for the Week of February 16, 2009

oneLOVE: Eric & Darcie

a special notice to clients


catching up: twice the baggage

catching up: basket case

catching up: a new addition


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